Not British, Brutish: @brianjohnspencr guesting on the @LADFLEG blog

In a bit of departure, the Loyalists Against Democracy blog has a guest post from Brian John Spencer (regularly of this parish). Entitled, ‘They are Not British, They’re Brutish‘ and against the backdrop of the increasingly cartoonish behaviour of loyalisms curated extreme, he rages against what he variously calls ‘civilised Northern Ireland’, ‘soft-bellied multiculturalists’  and ‘ever-indulgent middle-highbrows’ and suggests they all need to wake up. He even converges upon Chris’ argument that Unionism needs to adopt the kind of leadership shown by Martin McGuinness, but we’ll not go there.

Instead, here is a sample below, but, as ever, read the whole thing….

When you try to run communities on isolation, suspicion and a rejection of modernity, everything grinds to a halt.

When that happens, the failed community isn’t going to blame the failure on itself. No. They’ll say it’s the neglect of others and a conspiracy against their culture. Then they’ll want to project violence and brutalism outward. But we can’t be indifferent about that. We can’t be indifferent about rogue communities and rogue ideas and rogue concepts. 
All the burbling and babbling of police brutality and civil rights oppression is abject nonsense and an offence to modernity and the people who’ve brought us here. Loyalism is not the product of unemployment, but the creators of it. Loyalists are not the suppressed but the suppressors of modernity.

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