Sinn Fein have former Fianna Fail TD in the queue to stand for them in next year’s council elections…

As Sinn Fein let go of one of their younger bright stars on Belfast City Council (with the man who tweeted his amusment at the news Nigel Dodds had been knocked unconcious), they have an interesting candidate for a candidate’s place (area rep they call them) in Dublin. The former Dublin South East Fianna Fail TD Chris Andrews has voiced his ambition to run for the party in the council elections next year.

Although he did not return calls last night, Chris Andrews’s name will go before Sinn Fein’s national executive – the Ard Chomhairle – for ratification this weekend.

This is only done when former members of other parties want to join Sinn Fein, and at least one other person besides Mr Andrews and from a different party background has also applied for membership.

Sinn Fein sources said the second person is a councillor but is not as prominent as the former Fianna Fail deputy.

Mr Andrews father, uncle and cousin Barry all both Fianna Fail TDs and his grandfather Todd Andrews was a founder member of that party (broadcaster Ryan Tubridy is also a cousin).

He left the party after being unmasked as the secret tweeter @BrianFormerFF…


  • Charles_Gould

    “with the man who tweeted his amusment at the news Nigel Dodds had been knocked unconscious”

    Who are you referring to?

  • Charles_Gould

    Reading that last link of yours, how this FF man Andrews tweeted anonymously against his party leader, and against his constituency party colleague, I don’t think many parties will be that interested in him, unless he has some really strong compensating stengths; he is too risky.

  • gendjinn

    I think you mean Christopher “Todd” Andrews, Todd was a nickname not his given name.

  • The Raven

    “…to stand for them in next year’s council elections…”

    ….if, of course, they happen…

  • Mick Fealty

    Well, quite. But these days at least, the Republic does not quite mess around as badly with the timing of elections as we do…

  • megatron

    not quite sure of the upside in this for SF.

    If I squint I can see some benefit in the further normalisation of the party in the eyes of the electorate.

    However, that is balanced with the slight blunting of their attack on FF’s record going forward.

    Overall probably a wash but I would have stayed away.

  • Charles_Gould

    megatron aside from the points you made, don’t you think the behaviour of the individual concerned is of concern to any party that might take him on?

  • Mick Fealty

    That’s presumably why he’s only queuing at this stage…

  • Pete Baker


    An update from Sinn Féin – “Chris Andrews joins Sinn Féin”.

    Chris Andrews said;

    “The problems that Ireland faces require a major political and economic change. I do not believe that such change can be delivered through Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael or Labour. Nor can it be delivered by ‘Independents’.

    “Joining a new party was not an easy decision for me as my family has been involved in Fianna Fáil since its foundations. But it has become very clear to me that the party no longer represented the ideals or values of its founders including my grandfather.

    “I left Fianna Fail in 2012 following a long period of disillusionment at how distant the party had become from ordinary people suffering the brunt of social and economic problems.

    “I have joined Sinn Féin because I firmly believe that it is genuinely committed to pursuing the political, social and economic change that Ireland now requires.

    “My decision has been influenced by my first-hand experience of Sinn Fein’s work at community level, it’s role in the Peace Process, its strong commitment to a united Ireland and as it’s track record on international solidarity.

    “As someone who is advocating change I must be willing to change personally and politically.”

    Not sure how he squares the “willing to change personally and politically” with his claim to have left Fianna Fáil because that party had changed. But there you go…

    Unfortunately, some more of his undercover tweets have emerged too – Andrews in fresh SF tweets controversy.

    Tweets from @brianformerff, later identified as ex-TD Chris Andrews:

    Friday, Mar 23, 3.12pm @MaryLouMcDonald Hard to take SF/Adams lecturing Bertie on being corrupt after all they have done!! Keep out of it. #mahon

    Thursday, Mar 29, 11am [twitter handle deleted] I agree with a lot of your views but given what SF has done to innocent people its a bit much listening to you pontificate.

    11.01am [twitter handle deleted] Was it not corrupt to bury mother of 10 Jean Mc Conville. Is that acceptable to you. Selective outrage i thinks!!

    11.03am [twitter handle deleted] What about the ink cartridges! was that okay? Hard to take SF being moralistic!! Its not their thing!

    1.43pm [twitter handle deleted] knows all about killing given the amount of people Sinn Féin Reps killed over the years. #jeanmcconville

    Wednesday, Apr 18, 12.39pm [twitter handle deleted] Ordinary working class people who have guns stuck in their face by your friends. they are the ones terrorised.

  • Charles_Gould

    I am *very* surprised that Sinn Féin have admitted this FFer.

  • Charles_Gould

    …and not just for his poor use of the apostrophe (“it’s role in the Peace Process”).

  • Charles_Gould

    PB: those tweets are, shall we say, rather interesting.

  • keano10

    Lets cut to the chase here :

    Firstly, Andrews may have been a former TD but it’s highly unlikely that he will ever be afforded such an opportunity within SF. He will pick up a Council Seat, be kept in his place and used as an additional stick to beat FF with in the lead up to upcoming elections. Sinn Fein are obviously going to admit Andrews to their ranks, but they are wise enough to know that he has ‘previous’ and they will kept neatly buckled down for the forseeable future.

    It’s all just politics you know…

  • cynic2

    What a great catch he is. Still, better I suppose than the usual crop of murderers and bombers that we get up north – just not much better

  • Charles_Gould

    Chris Andrews said Ireland had the best regulatory framework in the world in 2008

  • Mick Fealty


    From little I’ve heard on this, Dublin’s advice was don’t touch him. Belfast insisted for the pr value. If this had been Barry, it would have been a coup. As it is he may not even make it to the council elections.

  • Charles_Gould

    Turning him down would have been a coup.

    He was part of the FF TD team that ruined the economy.

    He tweeted against SF on many times.

    He is FF, and has acted in a way that does not give one confidence.

    That SF have accepted and welcomed him surprises me a lot. Does it show that family dynasties are revered in a so-called republican party? That a person’s father is more important than the content of his character?

  • gendjinn


    I think SF take him on not for his own sake but for the fact it will give cover to a lot of current and/or form FF elected representatives to join the party. These people are likely to win representation in the next election as the pendulum is swinging away from FG/Lab. SF probably believe it’s better to have them in the SF party rather than contribute to a resurgent FF.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    An opportune time to give an opportunist an opportunity.

  • Henry94

    I think Sinn Fein refusing to admit someone because of past associations may have been a hard position to defend. We’ll see what this guy turns out like. The history of party-switchers is mixed. Other than the Democratic Left’s reverse takeover of Labour it’s hard to think of any that didn’t end in tears. The PDs are gone. Michael O’Leary didn’t last long in FG.

    I don’t think anyone ever fully trusts a switcher.

  • FDM

    Sinn Fein have picked up another one.

    “THE LABOUR PARTY Chair of Athy Town Council, Tom Redmond (pictured right), told local radio in Kildare today that he has resigned from Labour and joined Sinn Féin.”