Sinn Fein have former Fianna Fail TD in the queue to stand for them in next year’s council elections…

As Sinn Fein let go of one of their younger bright stars on Belfast City Council (with the man who tweeted his amusment at the news Nigel Dodds had been knocked unconcious), they have an interesting candidate for a candidate’s place (area rep they call them) in Dublin. The former Dublin South East Fianna Fail TD Chris Andrews has voiced his ambition to run for the party in the council elections next year.

Although he did not return calls last night, Chris Andrews’s name will go before Sinn Fein’s national executive – the Ard Chomhairle – for ratification this weekend.

This is only done when former members of other parties want to join Sinn Fein, and at least one other person besides Mr Andrews and from a different party background has also applied for membership.

Sinn Fein sources said the second person is a councillor but is not as prominent as the former Fianna Fail deputy.

Mr Andrews father, uncle and cousin Barry all both Fianna Fail TDs and his grandfather Todd Andrews was a founder member of that party (broadcaster Ryan Tubridy is also a cousin).

He left the party after being unmasked as the secret tweeter @BrianFormerFF…

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