UVF mural replaces ‘aspirational’ George Best mural in east Belfast…

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 16.57.15So, now you see it. Now you don’t. Here’s the George Best mural in Inverwood Court in Sydenham, as it was. Paid for under Peace III funding. Now it seems, things are going back to business as usual, as the PUP gear up for future elections, back come the UVF murals.

It’s not the first time the reimagining project has reverted to paramilitary imagery either. Though the removal of what was intended to be an aspirational image has a certain potency given the return to the politics of the street we’ve seen in Loyalist areas since the flag protest.

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  • Mc Slaggart

    I bet East Belfast Taxi group was annoyed.

  • carl marks

    This is sad, the PUP claims to represent the working class prods of east Belfast and the best image they can put forward is that if a terrorist.
    But then the PUP’s never really were serious about the whole left wing thing preferring the whole pretend to be soldiers thing, as has been pointed out by some of our PUL posters in the past that republican’s look silly dressing up at parades (this seems to be a matter of pride that loyalists are better at dressy up and pretending to be soldier types than themmuns) so we should not be surprised the George Best will be replaced by a badly drawn man in a balaclava with maybe Simply the Best written on the wall.
    A point here worth considering is to compare the reaction on the DUP,UUP and TUV to this reverting to terrorist symbolism and glorifying murder and the reaction they have when republican’s celebrate their very similar activities.
    It displays I believe the general unionist trend to pretend the PUL terror groups either don’t exist or were really made do it by those bad Taigs.

  • cynic2

    Make no mistake. The intention is to send a political message to the NIO and OFMDFM on where Loyalism sees itself. Now that PSNI arent employing so many of them its time to step up those grants to local ‘community workers’ then

  • Kevsterino

    I think the big lesson from George Best was, “If alcohol can lay low the likes of Georgie Best, what chance have you got, mate?”

    But the UVF now wants us to know that their taig oppressors are at it again, so they have to react etc. etc. Saving the Union with ecstasy, heroin, bad music and worse politics.

    Pity poor East Belfast.

  • tacapall

    Im sure the Best family are devastated to learn the news George is no longer the golden boy of East Belfast, they must now surely realise his memory was used as a easy ticket for the UVF to inflate their pockets with cash to buy more drugs and weapons to murder more young protestants and innocent people in their vision of a protestant state for a protestant people. Nothing new there but once again it shows the lack of integrity and the bad faith that emanates from the UVF linked PUP and their members.

  • Mark

    Where did it all go wrong ?

    Legend has it ( according to George anyway ) that a room service waiter asked him the above question as he lay in bed with a couple of former Miss Worlds / Page 3 girls sipping champagne in a suite at the Ritz Hotel .

    You could ask the same question of the PUP / UVF today after this mural fiasco .

    Could their reputation get any worse ……….. where did it all go wrong ????

  • DC

    as the PUP gear up for future elections, back come the UVF murals.

    I had a look on the east Belfast PUP facebook page just there now, the mural remains to be mentioned, perhaps it will after the ‘unveiling’?

  • Cynic2 [5.57] Isn’t the inscription the case made by nats/repubs with the British in the ‘oppressor’ role. Loyalists want to cling on to their colonial masters, not be free of them. These are deeply confused people it seems.

  • “Could their reputation get any worse ………..”

    And you think they give a f**k about their “reputation”?

    The perception of a “Community in crisis” means more funding.

    That’s how the peace process works and as long as the level of violence/intimidation remains *acceptable* we’ll cope with it.

  • between the bridges

    A paramilitary mural in Belfast, well I never…

  • Hopping The Border

    The perception of a “Community in crisis” means more funding.

    A perception which is cheerleaded by the DUP without apparent thought for what future lies in such actions.

    If only there was a unionist party strong enough to take them on.

    The DUP are built on working class fears but support big business.

  • iluvni

    Sure Hutchinson’s an England fan so what would he and his party care about replacing a NI legend with some tribute to scumbags.

  • tacapall

    “Though the removal of what was intended to be an aspirational image has a certain potency given the return to the politics of the street we’ve seen in Loyalist areas since the flag protest”

    Indeed, selective memory, hypocrisy with a dose of double standards is the default position of the unionist political class, the head in the sand approach to loyalist paramilitaries is beginning to wear thin on the wider public. Diane Dodds is the latest hypocrite to hit the airwaves. Its a pity her obviously small brain doesn’t remember who the UVF are and their past history or maybe she’s just a sectarian bigot who believes Catholics are not victims. How can anyone complain about the Castlederg parade while turning a blind eye to the similar UVF organised parade through the center of Coleraine commemorating four UVF members who were killed by the premature explosion of their own bomb in 1975.

    “A Unionist MEP from Northern Ireland has called on the European Commission to take action against Republican parades.

    Diane Dodds from the DUP says the annual parade in Castlederg, to commemorate two members of the IRA, is an insult to its victims.

    The parade commemorates two IRA members who were killed by the premature explosion of their own bomb in 1973.

    Mrs Dodds is asking the European Commission to take action against the parades, saying the parades are a “gross insult” to the victims of terrorism”

  • mac tire

    BTB: “A paramilitary mural in Belfast, well I never…”

    Nah, BTB, you’ll find it’s a terrorist mural.

  • aquifer

    Drunken wife beater wiped out. Tragic.

    Businesses prepare to be extorted notice. Catastrophic.

    The local MLAs cannot resist this threat to internal security. The NIO should send troops in to paint this over.

  • FDM

    aquifer 5 September 2013 at 6:42 am

    “Drunken wife beater wiped out.”

    Whilst that is true it is not what was on the mural. The mural showed a human excelling in what he excelled at, in this case football.

    Yes it didn’t tell the whole story but that is rather difficult to tell in one picture.

    They were trying to take the positive out the mans life, which I don’t really have a problem with.

    This new mural is a lie.

    This is the UVF talking about freedom from opression.

    This is the same organistaion that does the following ever single week in the region:
    1. Extortion.
    2. Punishment beatings.
    3. Murder [depending on the week].
    4. Racketeering.
    5. Prostituion.
    6. Illegal gambling.
    7. Heavy-handed money lending.
    8. Attacks upon police and private individuals.
    9. Sectarian attacks.
    10. Gun running.

    The same organisation has the audacity to put that MLK wording on the mural? Backside!

  • Alan N/Ards

    For once I agree with everthing you have said. To be honest, I detest murals of any kind but the ones depicting paramilitaries really irritates me. You should see the hack of some estates in Ards. Is it as bad in nationalist areas of NI?


    Alan n/ards,

    Broadly speaking most nationalist and republican areas have very few murals now and the majority of these are community based or with the international wall on the falls road have an array of murals covering a variety of topics but none that anyway resemble that new loyalist one.

    Republicans use murals but not in the way loyalism does and dont use masked and armed men in their murals and haven’t done for a very long time.

  • Coll Ciotach

    keep paying the danegeld and they will keep coming back for more

  • Reader

    mac tire: Nah, BTB, you’ll find it’s a terrorist mural.
    Whatever you call these guys, BTB is right. While it is disappointing that another one is going back up, it will be a long time before Belfast is wiped clean of public representations of terrorists:

  • babyface finlayson

    ‘Paid for under Peace III funding.’
    Can we have our £1,500 back then?

  • Mark

    “And you think they give a fxxk about their ” reputation ” ? Seriously ?

    Of course oneill …. I know they don’t give a fxxk , everyone knows they don’t give a fxxk . They know everyone knows they don’t give a fxxk and they still don’t give a fxxk . I don’t give a fxxk .The thread title piqued my interest . I’ve hardly posted on their provocative behaviour this summer .

    But you’re right , no one should have to cope with an acceptable level of violence / intimidation .

  • DC
  • Mark

    It should be interesting to see how many official PUP members turn up for the unveiling of this masterpiece .

  • Maybe it’s just the PUP’s way of saying “they haven’t gone away, you know.”

  • looneygas

    Best wishes to the Protestants in their quest to become free from oppression. Hopefully, more people like Alan of Ards, Peter Brown and Gobshmact will impress upon the impressionable youth that certain behaviours and attitudes further their “oppression.”

  • ForkHandles

    This is just sooooooo last century. Does anyone in any community these days careless about any paramilitary group? Whats next, walking around in flares and mad 70s hair styles…
    As far as “Saving the Union with ecstasy” goes. If only this was true. Instead its dishing out shitty pills with Piperazines, PMA or PMMA in them. The latter 2 being what kills people as was seen in Belfast earlier this summer.

  • ForkHandles

    by the way. the PUP and any other paramilitary related groups have never had more than a handful of votes. I don’t see this changing. its entirely inaccurate to say what they do represents anyone in east Belfast.

  • Rory Carr

    Drunken wife beater wiped out.

    What’s this, Aquifer ? Have you now stopped beating your wife ?
    A simple “Yes” or “No” answer will suffice.

  • ForkHandles

    “The local MLAs cannot resist this threat to internal security. The NIO should send troops in to paint this over.”

    Maybe not troops, but any locals with a decent artistic ability should repaint all the paramilitary murals. Nobody wants these people anywhere in NI. Lets tells them to F off…

  • PeterOHanrahanrahan

    If ever a nutshell was made, this is it.

  • “Of course oneill …. I know they don’t give a fxxk , everyone knows they don’t give a fxxk . ”

    Mark, I wasn’t having a go at you, more at the notion that there is some kind of bigger worldwide- PR battle which must be won in order to secure the Union, win the 32 County Nirvana or whatever the 3rd option may be.

    It was really interesting logging the top 10 Twitter trending topics on the 12th in Belfast.
    How many do you think were political/sectarian related?
    Any time I checked, a big fat zero

    The Maze Shrine gets dumped, reaction in the real world?
    Next to zero.

    Several Orange parades get banned?
    Social Media-Land almost explodes.
    The reaction where it really matters?
    Next to zero.

    The *Peace Process* is built on an illogical compromise, as long as we don’t push it too far in either direction then the UK/ROI is more than happy to let it run.

  • Mark

    oneill , I know you weren’t having a pop at me . When I first started reading this site a few years ago you were a regular contributor and you were probably the last of the then staff whose allegiance / political leanings I couldn’t figure out .That’s a compliment btw . After discovering ” a pint of Unionist lite ” I got the picture ….but never found your blog aggressive or provocative

    You never know , I might even start taking a look at Open Unionism . No hard feelings .

  • Delphin

    From the BBC

    The new mural in praise of the UVF has been completed, despite strong objections from residents lead by councillor John Kyle, who attempted to get this obscenity stopped.

    This would indicate that the identity of the ‘artists’ are known. The PSNI should prosecute these people for criminal damage or do they condone murdering thugs like Hutchinson treating working class protestant areas as their personal fiefdom

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    So, old Georgie has to make way for a UVF man, no doubt in response to the ‘chippin away of are culture’ and yet a Shinner Lord Mayor backs the RBL’s call for City Hall to be bathed in a Poppy red colour:


    To quote Chris Rock: ” lf y’all losing, who’s winning?”

  • Delphin

    Who is winning AG? I would say gangsterism in E. Belfast. There is absolutely no leadership from traditional unionism. Maybe Mike N. needs to go and stay in a poor person’s house again.(just for the night mind)