Remembering David Frost…

From fifty years ago…

  • Rory Carr

    Gosh ! I remember sitting watch that broadcast as though it were yesterday and how tears fell unbidden down my cheeks as Millicent Martin sang that haunting song.

    Millicent Martin was married to local Belfast boy, the crooner RonnieCarroll. They later divorced. Carroll had quite a reputation as more than a bit of a Lothario even though he was a gaunt looking individual wo migh have pursued a role in horror movies. I met Martin’s mother some years ago in the Beaujolais Bar opposite Leicester Square tube station. She told me a thing or two of which decency prompts me to remain silent.

    But certainly That Was The Week That Was (or TW3 for shorthand) was the programme that finally blew away all the stuffiness of the 50’s and was more powerful than even rock ‘n’roll in that regard.

  • SDLP supporter

    Crikey, you met Millicent Martin’s mum in a bar “some time ago”? Since the daughter herself is in her eightieth year, what age is/was her mum? Presume you mean decades ago?

  • Rory Carr

    Now that you mention it it seems that it was her daughter that I met (and she was no chicken). But then again the woman may have been stretching the truth somewhat although I had no reason to doubt her at the time.

  • I was 11 in 1963.
    Interestingly John Bird was first choice for the Frost role.
    In a surprisingly liberal household, I got to watch TW3, certainly remember the Milicent Martin song….it does seem over the top now.
    I dont think it was as infjuential as people say….it was a mix of Oxbridge types, Frost, Rushton, revue types Martin, Kernan and actors Cope (Randall and Hopkirk et all) Kinnear (George and Mildred et all) Percival (calypso songs and Carry On).
    The successors Not So Much a Programme More A Way of Life (Frost again) and BBC3 (Robert Robinson)….I remember Kenneth Tynan saying that word.
    Did Beeb neutralise TW3.
    I actually preferred the subsequent casting….Bron, Bird, Fortune, Hudd, Fisher…Patrick Campbell.
    Not a big fan of Frost. Media Mogul, Interviewer, Satirist and Showbiz Thru The Keyhole.
    For students of Norn Iron….there should be an old Frost Programme (LWT…Sunday circa 1968) where John Hume was among the guests and a studio audience that made Nolan look reasonable.

    PS…Hard to imagine Milicent Martins mother. Ms Martin herself last seen as Daphnes mother in Frasier.

  • SDLP supporter

    This is most unfair, Rory Carr. At this times end and with Millicent about to enter her ninth decade, I think you can safely spill the beans on her and the sixties goings on. . Anyway, it’s Tuesday and I for one could do with a bit of mid-week sleaze and titillation.

    Incidentally, didn’t Ronnie Carroll stand for the Rainbow George Weiss party or something in one of the elections to something here in recent decades?

  • Rory Carr

    “He [Ronnie Carroll] contested Hampstead and Highgate in the 1997 UK General Election, and the Uxbridge by-election in July 1997. In the 2005 British General Election, Carroll stood for the Vote For Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket Party, in Belfast. He is close friends with the party leader, Rainbow George. It has been superseded by the Make Politicians History banner. In the same year, he released a comeback album, Back on Song. He stood in the Haltemprice and Howden by-election, 2008 as a candidate for Make Politicians History and received 29 votes despite announcing that he was trying to enter the record books by receiving no votes.

    He currently resides in Hampstead, London, and is a regular caller to phone-in shows on BBC London 94.9.

  • Kevsterino

    I love the ‘what they said vs. what they mean’ segment.

    Would be useful today, no?