Time for another Church/Hall watch thread?

So a device set against the Orange Hall in Newcastle comes days after the latest attack on Clifton Street Orange Hall in what Councillor Lee Reynolds has called “a sectarian hate crime” took place in broad daylight (ie, with the certainty that whoever did it, would not be caught).

These attacks are almost always low level, expression of sectarian sentiment and a near constant across Northern Ireland… As a senior Sinn Fein Councillor in Strabane Micheala Boyle (now an MLA) noted two years ago they…

…are no different than attacks on GAA halls, churches and other cultural and community facilities and must be rejected by everyone.

We ran a thread back in 2006 which noted the number of churches/halls attacked, and the numbers and the nature of the incidences were revealing…

Time for another?

  • FDM

    DC (profile)

    3 September 2013 at 10:50 pm

    So middle class consumers don’t like brushing up against poorly behaved working class lads and lassies following the bands, what’s fckng new.


    Can’t we have some sort of preserve made for DC’s 12th day working class heros, like the “fan zones” at football championships to separate them from what can sometimes be referred to as “non-drunken anti-louts”?

    I was thinking of one on the Isle of Wight. Then I was thinking about Kurt Russell and the film Escape from New York, which is rather random I know.

  • Neil

    Tourists and shoppers DC. Like it our lump it your wee country relies on them. You can’t build an economy on off license sales, fleg shops and tattooists.

  • FDM

    Neil 3 September 2013 at 11:54 pm

    “You can’t build an economy on off license sales, fleg shops and tattooists.”


    Oh you fibber. Sure we had a very reliable report released saying that the OO types brought over £55 billion pounds to the local economy with all 4 million bandsmen paying at least £30k each into building hospitals, schools and pet sanctuaries for protestant cats abandoned by papists. The truth will out!

  • between the bridges

    McS “covenant parade” is a good guide to how many people are active marchers…
    not really it was merely a large parade at which less than a third of bands where on parade that day, the six mile route put some of and others decide to watch. Imho the figure your looking for would be in the 60-80k range..
    anyway back on topic so you think that the less used halls are the targets and therefore if these halls where used more there would be less attacks on them?
    You will have to excuse me for not agreeing with your logic as in my own experience the more active halls are more often than not the targets and a recently renovated hall is the most likely to be attacked…

  • Mc Slaggart

    “at which less than a third of bands ”

    So for the big “covenant parade” 2/3 of the bands did not turn up?

    Says a lot for “Band Culture”

    “in my own experience”

    I would rather go by the criteria that Insurance companies use.

  • between the bridges

    McS, FYI the number of bands was restricted per district becuase having another 400 plus bands on top of the 200 plus on parade would have been a logistical nightmare, (as would having individual lodges rather than districts) as it was it took 5hrs for the parade to pass any given point… re the snide remark on band culture between practice’s, parades, competition’s, and concerts an active band will meet 150 times a year…

  • Mc Slaggart

    between the bridges

    I was wondering what is the criteria for a “band” ? I know some people who play in more than one band. (I wonder who pays for the outfits?) . For example one person I know was saying that he played in a “good band” but also travel a good distance to Ballygawley to pay in a “kick the pope band”. {do not know of any kick the pope bands near Ballygawley BTW}

  • between the bridges

    McS the criteria for a ”band” is a group of people playing music, i don’t know of any KTP bands…

  • Mc Slaggart

    between the bridges

    “i don’t know of any KTP ”

    The wedding at Cana marked the beginning Jesus Christ’s public ministry and in it he made ‘good wine’. It is of some interest why his first party piece would be the making of wine. I have found how people describe things like “bands” change according to the amount of wine they have drunk. The blood and Thunder band at the start of the evening becomes something much more dramatic at the end.

    The fact that you say “i don’t know of any KTP ” reminds me of Nelson at the Battle of Copenhagen.

  • between the bridges

    McS unlike your good self Horatio only had one eye closed and when it comes to describing Europe’s largest social arts movement your observations are more whine than vine…

  • Mc Slaggart


    Horatio did not close any of his eyes at Copenhagen.