Two rounds of Parades Poker to Sinn Fein (though some bombers are more equal than others)..

Two quotes stand out in this article in the Crime and Law section of today’s Irish Times:

Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness said last night: “Make no mistake about it, those responsible for the violence against the police are the combined forces of the UVF and Orange Order in north Belfast.”

Meanwhile, out wesht [Not THAT far west! – Ed]…

Mr McGuinness said a republican parade in Castlederg , Co Tyrone to commemorate dead IRA members would be “dignified and lawful”. The parade is to go ahead tomorrow in defiance of appeals by unionists, victims’ representatives and Northern Secretary Theresa Villiers .

However, Sinn Féin said a planned counter demonstration against a “feeder” march by Apprentice Boys of Derry also in Castlederg, today, in advance of the main march in Derry will not now go ahead. They said the decision was an attempt to calm the atmosphere.

So that’s two rounds of Parades Poker to Sinn Fein then. Except that there are limits to the   winnings on offer…

DUP Assembly member Tom Buchanan  said: “Martin McGuinness needs to explain the difference between the car bombers in Omagh and the car bombers in Castlederg. Why will his party stand against the Omagh bomb terrorists but stand with the Castlederg bombers?”

Well quite…

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