Did US St Patrick’s day concerns about OFMdFM’s inability to co-ordinate prompt Hass intervention?

After his interview with a former US Consul to Belfast, Steven McCaffrey wonders if OFMdFM suggestions that the engagement of Richard Haas was largely on their own initiative, are somewhat exaggerated:

The fact that Mrs Stephenson appears to track recent political progress as having started after Northern Ireland leaders met President Barack Obama in Washington on St Patrick’s Day makes it tempting to wonder – rightly or wrongly – who we really have to thank for the positive new policies unveiled at Stormont in May.

In his interview with Barbara Stephenson, he notes that for a time the US thought… “it may be like a bicycle that doesn’t keep moving forward, it may be falling over…”

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  • cynic2

    Perhaps they thought that our beloved SOS’s eye was off the ball. Certainly the NIO now appears invisible here and almost all those who engineered and acted as midwives to the process (and have the scars to prove it) have been sidelined / shoved out.

    That world is now populated by bright young things from FCO who’s firsts in PPE or Modern Languages better qualify them to negotiate with Pete and Marty.

  • aquifer

    With the Middle East broiling and Al Quada on the loose, the US needs a peace process somewhere to have worked. Our little local difficulty over -what now? collarettes, coloured flags, marching bands!? (pinch yourself it’s true) is going to have to be shovelled under the carpet pronto.

    Pete and Marty may be asked to look at Syria Iraq Iran and Afghanistan and agree that oor wee Ulster comes second.

  • Both the DFA and the FCO have touted the Northern Ireland peace process as a model to be used as an example for solutions in conflicts around the globe. Bill Clinton claimed it as one of his major foreign policy accomplishments and his wife claimed a role in it–with little substantiation–when she ran for president in 2008. Its value as a model erodes with each new set of riots, inter (or intra) paramilitary feud, etc. So the idea is to have one of the American veterans of the process see what he can accomplish as a mediator before things get too far out of hand. After George Mitchell, Richard Haass was probably the most successful of the various American diplomats to take part in the process.

  • aquifer

    The trouble tho’ is that building consensus says strong state social intervention, but American capital says small state let the market decide.

    Social democracy may be a bit boring and expensive, but the oil states have the money and the US has debts.

    After the shameful debacle of Iraq, where American envoys in short trousers dismantled a state and institutionalised corruption and sectarian anarchy in the name of free markets, how seriously should we take Hass?

    At this level it is not about ideology, it is about what works.

    How many economists does it take to change a light bulb?

    None. The market will do it.

    The US should declare an interest in anarchy, as it puts up the risk premium on interest rates and the return for big capital.

  • cynic2

    The Problem is that Blair allowed it to develop into an unbalanced and inherently unstable deal where Unionists feel hard done by and Nationalists were given grossly over-inflated expectations on a ” UI by 2016″

    The real deal was therefore never explicit and until we reconcile ourselves to what we have got and work together it will remain so with the risk of falling over at any time. The major risks are in the Dissers who might sufficiently undermine SF or pull off a spectacular and destabilize the situation or in the sheer unpredictability of ‘events dear boy’.

    At the moment we have no statesmen on either side prepared to tell the Truth to both communities and where there are votes to be had in the political backwoods the lowest intellectual common denominators rule. If you want evidence of that just look at the quality of those in politics. Noone with half a brain would go anywhere near the major parties. In SF unless they are from a ‘good family’ they will find it tough. In Unionism they would be frozen out by the geriatric permafrost with a hankering for the good old days when a Taig knew his place and weemin made tea at Lodge suppers

  • At the moment we have no statesmen on either side prepared to tell the Truth

    That would be “Situation normal, everything needs to change..”

  • “the political leadership come out with `Building a United Community’”

    It was that same political leadership that ramped-up the tensions from which the confrontation flowed.

    “you go back to my bicycle metaphor”

    Wrong metaphor. There’s a tug-of-war between the proponents of the two constitutional aspirations, a tug-of-war amplified by the 50%+1 constutional arrangement and later amplified again by the change to the selection for the post of First Minister. And the mandarins from Washington, London and Dublin don’t seem to get it … it’s unlikely they’ve got 2020 let alone 2016 vision.

  • At the moment we have no statesmen on either side prepared to tell the Truth

    That would be “Situation normal, everything needs to change..” ….. Mister_Joe 6 August 2013 at 9:48 am

    Mister_Joe, Hi,

    You may find that the truth is on its way, but certainly not to be told by any who are paid as statesmen and, because of the perverse simplicity of the abuses which be deliberately made by those behind its concealment in national and international secrets and security arrangements, will its revelations astound and excite and incite you.

    A view held because of the present corrupting nature of current political and financial powers which will mirror the consequences to be expected and prepared for and as outlined by Henry Ford more like a century than a few decades ago whenever he said …… It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. ….. which is why the system tries to protect itself with self made false flag pseudo conflict situations/paramilitary virtual adventures which it thinks to control in both attack and defence mode/master information and intelligence manipulation with media flows/news programming.

    Words for Sound and Vision Transmission and Interpretation both Control and Create Worlds …. but there is a Fine Act and Magic Trick to Master in getting them to Stick and Deliver Realities and Virtual Reality Remotely, Anonymously, Autonomously and Actively Astutely, but all you need for that is the Key which unlocks the door to ITs Instruction Sets.

    Do you think that new building in Palace Barracks is tasking itself to master those keys …. or find those and/or that which utilises them with an impunity which makes them practically immune and virtually invisible and all powerful, which is what a first rate prime intelligence service would and should be able to offer, otherwise is their product second rate and sub-prime.

    And I would wholeheartedly agree that in order to lead would everything need to change ….. and much sooner rather than later, which is something easily accommodated by that and/or those au fait with this new fangled, entangling virtual internetworking technology and with ITs SMARTR AIMethodologies.