Radical Independence & The Jamaican, Ugandan & Pakistani UKIP candidates

With all the furore over the Radical Independence protest at the UKIP press conference in Edinburgh (ahead of the Aberdeen Donside Scottish by-election on June 20) I couldn`t help but notice the rather vociferous use of the words Nazi, Racist, Bigot, Scum & Fascist aimed at Nigel Farage.

The Belfast News Letter website has a good video of Farage talking in the Edinburgh pub prior to the protest.

The protest has been deemed largely a student protest and sure enough two of the leading protestors are from Edinburgh University Students Association, namely Max Crema, the Vice President of Services & President James McAsh, both of whom are currently embroiled in court proceedings and a motion of no confidence for bringing the association into disrepute after Crema tweeted “f**k old people”
Upon accusations from Crema of having racist policies Farage reasserted that:

“We are a non-racist, non-sectarian party and unlike every other party in British politics we actually forbid people who have been on extreme left or right-wing extremes from joining our party.”

Radical Independence told the Huffington Post UK:

“Farage came up to Scotland to spread his racism and bigotry here – we showed he’s not welcome.  His party UKIP have always achieved a derisory vote in Scotland but Farage thought that could change after their recent local elections successes in England.  In 2014 we finally have the chance to get rid of the political system at Westminster that pours fuel onto the bigoted fire of Farage and UKIP. Scotland wants to be a country that welcomes immigrants – but we need independence to make that desire a reality.”

Presumably they missed the UKIP manifesto:

– We aspire to ensure that any future immigration does not exceed 50,000 people p.a.

– …future immigration for permanent settlement will be on a strictly controlled, points-based system similar to Australia, Canada and New Zealand

And presumably tyhe missed Jamaican candidate Winston McKenzie, Ugandan candidate Sushil Patel and Pakistani UKIP candidates Bobby Anwar & Harry Mirza Jahangir..and the Greek donor Demetri Marchessini

Whilst Protester Liam O’Hare rubbished accusations that the protests were anti-English in nature:

“What you saw yesterday was a group of people who are there to protest against Mr Farage’s anti-immigration, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiment.

“Those people were there as internationalists, as people who are saying that in Scotland we want a country that welcomes immigrants, that has equality for all, and that Mr Farage and his ilk are not welcome here.”

Several journalists on Twitter reported the crowd chanting: “Leave Scotland, go back to England!” and “You can stick your Union Jack up your a*se!”

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie commented:

“It was deeply ironic when these self-proclaimed anti-racist campaigners told an Englishman to get back to his own country. Anti-racists turned racist but were too ignorant to notice. I am sure most people in Scotland will be appalled at this behaviour. These people do not speak for Scotland.  Alex Salmond must speak out against this attack on free speech.”

Farage later branded sections of the Scottish nationalist movement as “deeply racist” and motivated by “hatred of the English” .  Posting laterd on Facebook:

“Thanks for all the kind messages from Scots appalled at what happened yesterday and also at the BBC interview this morning. UKIP won’t let a few hard core anti-English nationalists get in the way of trying to have a proper debate about Scottish independence”

First Minister Alex Salmond stated that

“We can frankly do without Ukip, who dislike everybody and know absolutely nothing about Scotland.  If there’s been any law-breaking – and that’s yet to be established – then obviously we condemn that, as we always do in Scotland, but you’ve got to get things into context.”

The Yes Scotland campaign distanced itself from the protestors despite a Vote Yes banner being unveiled.

Scottish Conservative MSP Alex Johnstone said:

“Alex Salmond simply pays lip service when it comes to condemning abusive language in his own party.  Yesterday’s abuse handed out by separatists was another shameless example of the lengths they will go to to hijack the independence debate in Scotland.  If such abusive comments are allowed to continue unchecked, the next 18 months will descend into little more than an anti- British hate campaign.”

Interestingly Alex Massie and David Torrance have compared UKIP & The SNP numerous parallels.

With all the fuss the actual UKIP election candidate Otto Inglis has had very little coverage.


UKIP MEP Roger Helmer debated one of the protestors who insisted UKIP had racist polices and in another interview he debated Joan McAlpine of the SNP who declared UKIP were the BNP is abetter fitting suit.


Might be an idea for Farage to attend next Saturday`s launch of Radical Independence in the Aberdeen with his Jamaican, Ugandan and Pakistani candidates along with his German wife and Aberdeen candidate Otto Inglis and his Japanese wife?

  • Red Lion

    Farage was in Edinburgh to engage in normal political discussion and normal press activities. UKIP organise in Scotland and as such he had every right to be there.

    The attempts at bullying, intimidation and show of aggression and assaults by seeming ‘yes’ campaigners show a complete lack of political maturity and respect for a democratic system. This is not how mature politics in democracies should operate. They should not seek to stifle political debate or activity through open intimidation.

    I have noticed that when the ‘better together’ campaign hold a normal conference or meeting there is often a ‘yes’ campaign protest as people go into this meeting, often unsavoury, noisy, barracking in nature. Again this is a form of harassment and there is absolutely no need for it in a free democracy.

    Organise your own meetings and activities, and let others feel free from harassment and intimidation to organise theirs. That is democratic freedom.

  • JR

    You forgot to mention that a number of those “hard core anti-English nationalists” were English. Including one of the two arrested.

  • Neil

    It’s not racism when the people you’re abusing tick the same box on a monitoring form as you do. It’s another example of hijacking a term, kind of like people talking about ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Northern Ireland. Let’s be honest and call it what it is instead of getting all hysterical: anti-Englishness, xenophobia, whatever, but racism it ain’t.

    That aside did the BNP not field an Armenian candidate once? UKIP are pretty much the anti immigration party – a perfectly legitimate stance, but one which is attractive to racists. Hence the numerous UKIP types who’ve melted under the attention of the media, when old Facebook posts and Hitler salute pics start to emerge.

  • Barnshee

    Fear stalks ALL the parties in GB- UKIP might hit them all -hence the efforts to belittle, demonise etc. (try todays Guardian Weekend for a cliched agenda ridden item trying to debunk UKIP) Nice to see a hand round the throat of the big boys -hope it lasts

  • David Crookes

    Agree 100%, Red Lion.

  • I know this one has been doing the rounds for some weeks. It still suggests guilt by association —

    “The EDL endorsed UKIP. Presumably because of shared values on sustainable farming.”

    If UKIP are as clean as the driven snow (ahem!):

    Why do the elected kippers in Lincolnshire refuse to sign the all-party anti-racist pledge, that aims to treat all citizens equally?

    Why did Eric Kitson resign his newly-won seat at Stourport-on-Severn?

    Did Anna-Maria Crampton (an East Sussex kipper candidate) not identify Jews for causing the Holocaust? And her two-cents’ worth that WW2 was a Jewish bankers’ plot to make the world feel guilty: that might strike a bell.

    Did it not require public exposure of Cornish-candidate Sue Bowen’s BNP past to oblige UKIP to disown her a week before the election?

    Ditto Alan Ryall in Suffolk?

    Was Mark Jenkinson, a UKIP candidate in Cumbria, well-advised to post that n-word picture?

    Have we forgotten Somerset’s kipper candidate Alex Wood’, his Nazi salute, and the knife clenched in his teeth? Oh, sorry: he was imitating a plant, wasn’t he? Even so, his bit about Africa wasn’t a good start: “”I mean just look at the mud huts they live in and how they all kill each other. It’s quite barbaric. This is what UKIP wants to prevent – our country ending up like Africa or some third world trash can.”

    Oh, and in that context, what about Gabbi Coleman, the UKIP candidate in Tonbridge? She told us she knew Woods, that he was a Nazi, so did others, but they thought everyone should keep quiet about it. As to her Facebook page, and the picture of Mo Farah …

    Shall we overlook Chris Scotton, UKIP candidate in Leicester, assuring us that EDL racism was “just ethnic banter”?

    Finally (for the time being), there is that curious story about Andrew Eccles (Tottington Ward, Bury). A BNP candidate just up the road in 2010: but a fully-smoked kipper in 2012 — with a strong line on all things Pakistani. Apparently he was solicited to stand for UKIP by an old mate: Peter Entwistle, UKIP’s Bury organiser. Eccles’s other media success was to try to sponsor a “Burn the Koran Day”.

    I’d suggest at some point there we had enough feathers for the Duck Test.

  • Ulster Press Centre

    Malcolm, not so long ago you made a comment suggesting all Scottish people were members of the UVF in your exasperating attempt to prove the organisation was involved in prostitution. Your credibility on this site was severely damaged as a result.

    Forgive us if we simply ignore your *nod nod wink wink* comments unless you can provide us with something concrete.

  • @UPC


    Give me a clue? Date? Context?

    I don’t do sweeping generalisations sober. That one seems over the top, even lubricated.

    Put up or shut up.

  • Henryukip

    a excellent article by slugger. UKIP are unique in that our only condition for acceptance is that you love the United Kingdom and believe it is a Country worth fighting for using entirely constitutional means. the SNP/Sinn Fein and to a lesser extent Plaid are all dependent on sectaranism, division and animosity to promote their ideologies.

  • Harry Flashman

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the swivel-eyed ranting of Scottish students, they’re not the sharpest tools in the drawer and are forever convinced that anyone to the left of the Clydeside Communists are the ushers-in of the Fourth Reich.

    I remember at Stirling University campus a couple of decades back, a crowd of the usual unwashed suspects were gathered outside one of the faculty buildings hollooing and hooting about the gathering of (yes you guessed it) “FASCISSTTSSSS!!!!” inside.

    Apparently the university conservative society was hosting a guest speaker, a man who if one listened to the braying mob was on the point of rounding up undesirables and shoving them into gas chambers.

    Being a curious cove I decided to enter to see this dreadfully dangerous man and to hear the grim fate that awaited us from the devil’s own mouth as it were. I saw a mild mannered, balding man in his forties discussing local government reform in a soporific manner.

    Does anyone else remember how we narrowly avoided the Nazi Scottish New Order when Michael Forsyth MP lost his seat in parliament a few years later?

  • Yes, indeed: students are revolting. It’s what they always were. Long may the tradition persist. Massed ranks of obedience and dutiful compliance are contrary to Scottish, archipelagian, or even European natures. Anyway, it annoys the hell out of Gradgrinds and Goveians.

    I’d stand by my assertions that:

    1. There are some deeply unpleasant types who have opportunistically thrown their lot in with UKIP (see above for examples).

    2. There is something wacky, tacky and rackety about the whole UKIP operation. Witness the number of resignations, expulsions, and profiteerings at public expense over recent years.

    But also:

    3. Kippery has added to the general laugh-level of UK politics. Where else could one find an eccentric like Godfrey Bloom and his “clean behind the fridge”?

    Which brings me, by close association, to “swivel-eyed loons”. Even that has upsides.. Suddenly Andrew Feldman has a public profile that reaches beyond 0.0001% of the politically aware.. And, as the ultimate example of local humour, the twitterati have spent half their weekend obsessing and conflicting over the better hash tag: #loongate or #swivelgate?

    There is hope for us yet.

  • Reader

    Malcolm Redfellow: the twitterati have spent half their weekend obsessing and conflicting over the better hash tag: #loongate or #swivelgate?
    It has to be #loongate. There is certain to be a better use for #swivelgate in the future.

    Neil: UKIP are pretty much the anti immigration party – a perfectly legitimate stance, but one which is attractive to racists.
    Or it’s “entryism”. Look what happened to the Labour party. UKIP may remain unelectable until we get “New UKIP”; and then they will be harmless.

  • Reader

    Malcolm Redfellow: Huh? Give me a clue? Date? Context?
    UPC may have misremembered the culprit. A year or two ago there was a scandal about a prostitution/people trafficking ring; and the ringleaders travelled backwards and forwards between Scotland and Northern Ireland. Based on the premise that only Celtic supporters and the UVF travelled between those destinations, a Sluggerite concluded that the criminals were loyalist paramilitaries, and added people-trafficking to a list of other UVF offences. (I may be simplifying here).
    UPC seems to think you were that Sluggerite.

  • Ulster Press Centre

    UPC was not mistaken that Malcolm Redfellow claims all Scottish people are signed up UVF members.

    Read comments here:


  • Sorry, UPC, I looked back at that earlier thread. All I see is my excess of quoted journalism. One precise citation was:

    Martin Williams’ piece for the Herald Scotland [7 Sep 2010]. He made it clear that it was a Scots-led vice gang which spent £50,000 advertising brothels in the Northern Ireland capital.

    Far from suggesting “all Scottish people are signed up UVF members”, which would be arrant nonsense, the focus was on Ashleigh Beuken, Yvonne Dawson. Malcolm McNeill, and Stephen Craig. They all had Scottish addresses, and were reckoned by the prosecution to have made £2½ million from the Belfast sex-trade. Just four names: I make that 0.00007612% of the population of Scotland.

    Please assist me, and this exchange, further with a precise cut-and-paste.

  • Malcolm – the leaked BNP membership list from a few years ago had dozens of Labour, tory, Lib Dem and Green Party supporters names on it. Nick Griffin`s father campaigned for Iain Duncan Smith a decade ago (he was a life long Tory but supported forced repatriation), ex BNP are welcomed to Labour, Labour peer Lord Ahmed has just resigned for anti Semitism…

  • Kilsally @ 10:15 am:

    Ah, yes! the BNP list. I remember it well. It provided me with ample opportunities for research and amusement; and added greatly to my blog’s stat-porn. Four-and-a-half years on, that one still gets hits, almost daily.

    But: “dozens of Labour, tory, Lib Dem and Green Party supporters names on it”? Not so: I know three of those organisations well enough to be sure that joint membership with any other party, let alone the BNP, is not allowed.

    As for the Nasir Ahmed, he “resigned” (13 May, two days before he was almost certainly going to be expelled by the NEC) after he was twice suspended (April 2012, suspension lifted when it demonstrated he had been misquoted, and again in March 2013). According to Michael Crick, as far back as 2008, Ahmed was angling to get into the Tory Party. To their credit, the Tories were unwilling to lay out the welcoming red carpet. Anyway, another advertisement for the abolition of the Lords and of the Prime Ministerial patronage that goes with it.

    I’m a long-term student of these noxious back-alleys of politics; and recall with near-despair such excesses as:

    ☞ Tory MP Gerald Nabarro’s alcohol-inspired rant on Any Questions: “How would you feel if your daughter wanted to marry a big buck nigger with the prospect of coffee-coloured grandchildren?” (5 April 1963). Nabarro, of course, patented the Huhne driving ploy — though he got away with it (1971).

    ☞ The unofficially-acknowledged (but very real) 1964 poster and leaflet campaign of Peter Griffiths at Smethwick: “If you want a nigger for a neighbour vote Labour”. Although that succeeded in displacing Patrick Gordon Walker as MP, few Tories would ever happily sit too close to Griffiths in the Commons, even when he was re-treaded for Portsmouth.

    There are, admittedly, the odd ex-BNP types who have sneaked under the wire and into the Labour Party. Off the top of my head, there’s Trevor Maxfield at Darwen and Maureen Stowe in Burnley (Kippers are recycling that one, nine years on).

    Isn’t a loon (Gavia pacifica) the same family as our local diver (Gavia immer)? I feel a convoluted pun about “duckers and divers” coming on. Needs work, yet.

  • seamusot

    After the liberation of Scotland in September 2014 the English will retreat into a post colonial mindset and seek to rid itself of domestic problems such as radical Muslim activities, leaving the EU and coping with the financial losses from Scots oil revenues evaporating. Good luck to them. “Unionism” will have to morph – will northern unionists in Ireland politically marry the English or the Scots? Remember the deal on the new name FYR Macedonia – will the new entity be called PUKES – Previous United Kingdom Excluding Scotland? Great gas lies ahead and the invasion of that nutter Nige Garbage of the You-KIP mob was helpful. He should do it more often!