PSNI responsible for “persecution of the Protestant people” – DUP

A prominent DUP elected representative has launched a fierce attack on the PSNI at a loyalist gathering in Carrickfergus.

Addressing a rally organized by Carrickfergus United Loyalists in the town yesterday, DUP councillor Ruth Patterson delivered a scathing attack on the PSNI, accusing the police of being responsible for “the persecution of the Protestant people” and of “beating our women and our children off the streets.”

 From Ruth’s speech:

“[I am] Ashamed of the PSNI at the minute. The political policing and persecution of our Protestant people must stop. They beat our women and our children off the streets, they throw our pensioners into jail. They jail our young kids for waving the Union Flag of the country- provocatively. That in my book is wrong and they must be held accountable for that.

“Gerry Kelly has him (PSNI Chief Constable) wrapped around his wee finger. That has to change. He needs to go and we know he needs to go. In fact members of his own force know that he needs to go. He’s a disgrace.”

Mike Nesbitt, Jim Allister and Carrickfergus loyalist, Jim McCaw, also spoke to the assembled loyalists and members of Loyal Orders who paraded through the town. PUP Leader, Billy Hutchinson, also spoke, making a pledge that Belfast PUP candidates “will sign a public declaration… that, if they’re elected, the first thing that will be on the agenda will be the Union Flag.

 All Prod hands to the pumps (Obviously, those culturally Irish sorts need not apply…)