Why is the BBC ghettoising NI regional outputs?

I almost missed 14 Days, a documentary on one of several traumatic weeks in the history of the Troubles. Paul Canning, who’s based in Cambridge didn’t, and writes an impressively well researched blog asking (amongst several other things), why don’t the BBC mainstream more locally produced work?

The ‘BBC NI only’ shows are (or were) all also on iPlayer, which is the reason I know about them at all as I often skim the ‘factual’ strand, I didn’t find them because they were featured on iPlayer — but that’s no excuse. Why didn’t ‘As Others See Us’, featuring four BBC legends and which was engaging in much loved — and much mocked — BBC navel-gazing, get a screening on, even, News 24? It makes no sense except if you’re noticing that stories about the Troubles are being deliberately shunted into a ghetto.

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