Do all Nationalists believe in “what’s bad for you is good for us…”

I’d be the first to point out that FitzJamesHorse is blogger, and therefore on some level not real. He’s a nice to meet, if a little prickly in his online persona. But I was struck by this post from a few days ago by the bald statement it contains

Thats the thing. The Culture Wars in the USA have been won by the Civil Rights movement and lost by the right wing racists. Likewise…as last years Olympics showed British multiculturalism has won out over the British racism.

Now….they haven’t gone away ya know. There will always be Racism. There will always be Sectarianism. But ..? The lesson is that the Ku Klux Klan …for example… have been exiled to the margins off Civilisd Society. We should do the same with the Orange Order….then be nice to them.

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