Friday Thread: Your (TASTEFUL) captions please?

foal in a bucket

Courtesy of Stephen Forster on Google Plus (and yes, it really is that small)…

  • Local burger industry kicks the bucket?

  • At The Races: “Talent by the bucket load this filly, one day she could even make into a Findus beef burger”

  • Foley’s Burger’s – a real bute!

  • David Crookes

    The Pail Horse

  • Rory Carr

    ” What am I gonna call him ? Chateaubriand of course. It’s a family name.”

  • sonofstrongbow


  • Bishops Finger

    There’a a foal in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza

  • Reader

    KFC bucket meal scores 100% in DNA testing

  • babyface finlayson

    ‘Knock knock’
    Who’s there?
    ‘Eeyore who?’
    ‘Unexpected meat-eeyore’

  • Alias

    “It’s Romanian spring lamb, missus.” – Garry Loodman

  • Makhno

    Try our new ‘fun size’ beefburgers. Great for kids’ parties, available as a My Little Pony meal with free toy, er…cow.

  • sonofstrongbow

    …. and now add pie crust and cook in a preheated oven for two hours at gas mark 4.

    Serve with a nice Caber-neigh Sauvignon.

  • between the bridges

    Remove outer packaging and microwave for 8.5 min…

  • wild turkey

    just add Basil and, hey presto, a new party treat.

  • Knucklehead Smiff

    Horse d’oeuvre, madam ? Only jockeying.

    Whatever happened to that failed PONI branding campaign all those years ago anyway ?

    (Jolly good, wild turkey. Are you of the view that BMcC’s non-thoroughbred stable will last …furlong ?)

  • Alias

    Incidentally, folks might have noticed how the Irish and British media, and indeed some of the political class, have lamented the poor domestic regulation that allowed horsemeat to enter the food chain on this scale.

    What they probably won’t have noticed is that none of the Member States of the EU retain sovereignty over food regulation since that is an exclusive EU competency.

    The reason they won’t have noticed that is that because of a deliberate policy not to point it out to them. Were they to have noticed it they might have become critical of EU regulation of their food, and might also become concerned that such a matter is no longer within their sovereign democratic remit and, therefore, they can do absolutely nothing about how the EU regulates the food industry – allowing horsemeat and whatever else to enter the food chain and to be served to them and to their children.

    Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 is designed to allow for the free movement of food ingredients intended for human consumption between Member States with the food industry expected to regulate itself and to take it on trust that the documents supplied with food imported from other parts of the EU are genuine. As is now apparent, it only takes a few fraudsters of the flaws in EU regulation to become blazingly obvious.

    Still, as obvious as they are, there is not a thing that a Member State can do about it since it is an exclusive EU competency.

  • Basil McCrea’s new “non-sectarian unionist party,” part black, part white but definitely a colt from a unionist horse.

  • Rory Carr

    Gosh, Alias. That sounds suspiciously akin to a political accommodation designed solely to benefit the interests of multinational capital with the interests of the consumer relegated to a status of little or no consequence. Surely not ?

    Are not the interests of capital and the consumer harmoniously combined in a market where choice is the driving force ? Is the common good not after all to be best served by the unbridled ruthlessness of the few?

    Are our dreams of the inevitable triumph of capitalist nirvana to drift away as the clouds of happiness and peace must do in any other opium den ?