PSNI ask protestors to allow GP through, don’t intervene when ‘permission’ denied

The PSNI performance throughout the illegal and violent loyalist protests has come under much scrutiny. Whilst officers have been commended for braving numerous attempted murder bids and vicious assaults by loyalists, the service continues to come in for legitimate criticism for the unwillingness to remove illegal road blockers.

Friday night’s appalling incident, recorded by the BBC’s Kevin Sharkey, has now been compounded by the revelation that PSNI officers refused to remove illegal loyalist road blockers in Finaghy to enable a GP to attend to a cancer-suffering patient. The story, featuring in today’s Sunday Mirror (not online), reveals that PSNI officers ‘asked’ the protesters if the GP could pass but, upon being told the loyalists would not yield, refused to enforce the law.

These incidents come as the loyalist riot baton was passed back from East Antrim to East Belfast, where the PSNI statement issued last night clearly indicates a co-ordinated attempt on behalf of loyalists to ratchet up sectarian tensions and provoke sectarian violence had its intended effect as the umpteenth illegal loyalist parade along the Short Strand interface witnessed numerous homes being damaged in the catholic enclave as clashes broke out.

Getting harder and harder for some to avoid seeing and hearing the rampaging elephant eh…..