[Corrected] over half of southerners think restriction of Union flag in Belfast was wrong…

Well, southerners may not have been impressed with the shenanigans of Loyalist protesters, but it is clear they’re not impressed with the move to take the ‘flag from the pole’ either. Here’s the latest Red C findings:

Over half of those surveyed, 57pc, felt Belfast city council was wrong to restrict the flying of the Union flag at Belfast city hall.

Update: From the official report, courtesy of JR below:

  • Over half of those that expressed an opinion (57%) suggest that they feel the Belfast City Council was wrong to restrict the flying of the Union flag at Belfast City Hall.
  • In total, just a third of Irish voters (35%) thought the council were right to restrict the flying of the Union flag, while 47% thought they were wrong to restrict it and 18% did not express a view.
  • Little variance is evident across demographics in terms of attitudes, however party support shows Sinn Féin supporters in highest agreement that it was the right decision but still at only 48%.

More on the other findings later…

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