Taoiseach cannot keep using Adams past to avoid political questions..

Not often Miriam offers advice to politicians, dead pan. On yesterday’s ruck and ruction in the Dail, she had this for the Taoiseach:

The Sinn Féin leader spoke about compassion for women and children.

The Taoiseach responded with a predictable response, wondering where the compassion was when Jean McConville was murdered. It’s a cheap jibe at this stage. Adams got very angry. He shouted and stabbed his finger in the air and the Ceann Comhairle suspended the House.

It’s not that Gerry Adams will get much sympathy from the wider public when he complains about references to his past, but the Taoiseach can’t keep using a dead woman to avoid legitimate questions.[emphasis added]

Oh, and Padraig Mac Lochalainn got thrown out this afternoon..

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