Taoiseach cannot keep using Adams past to avoid political questions..

Not often Miriam offers advice to politicians, dead pan. On yesterday’s ruck and ruction in the Dail, she had this for the Taoiseach:

The Sinn Féin leader spoke about compassion for women and children.

The Taoiseach responded with a predictable response, wondering where the compassion was when Jean McConville was murdered. It’s a cheap jibe at this stage. Adams got very angry. He shouted and stabbed his finger in the air and the Ceann Comhairle suspended the House.

It’s not that Gerry Adams will get much sympathy from the wider public when he complains about references to his past, but the Taoiseach can’t keep using a dead woman to avoid legitimate questions.[emphasis added]

Oh, and Padraig Mac Lochalainn got thrown out this afternoon..

  • pauluk

    It’s true, I suppose, that the Taoiseach can’t keep using a dead woman to avoid legitimate questions, but it certainly is useful to keep a hypocrite like Adams in his place.

  • BarneyT

    I believe I made a similar comment about this in an earlier post. Gerry provides Enda with a means of avoidance, but this is more of a reflection on Enda and the possible threat that Gerry poses.

    Again, like all other assertions, perhaps like some made on this site, Enda and others have to provide evidence of GAs active involvement, which is irrefutable.

  • Barney, that last comma of yours makes your statement somewhat ambiguous.

  • 241934 john brennan

    All very understandable.The Provos were by far the biggest kiillers and resposible for the greatest number of murders over a 30 year period. During that same period there are some unexplained discrepancies in Gerry’s employment records. Perhaps Sir Desmond de Silva should have a look at the documentation?

  • Zig70

    SF have to deal with the fact that their brand is toxic in the south. They can’t rely on the unionists to wind up the locals enough to vote them in. They also need to deal with the troubles narrative especially around the morality of defending your community against threats. Jack Lynch said he wouldn’t stand by and see innocents slaughtered in 1969, what would be Enda prepared to do?

  • sdelaneys

    The Taoiseach would be better asking Gerry to explain why his party are so willingly imposing austerity in the 6 counties while crying about it in the 26. Of course Gerry would whimper about not having ‘fiscal autonomy’ but that isn’t good enough for a leader claiming to be both republican and left wing as he has options including refusal to co-operate. Simply imposing the cuts leaves him no room to lambast others.

  • There are always questions to be asked of any government but Gerry is hardly a role model for an asker. The nature of the exchanges will bring little comfort to those in distress:

    The Taoiseach: I do not accept the Deputy’s question about unpicking elements of the budget. His attack on the Labour Party is utterly hypocritical and opportunistic. He is under pressure from his colleagues on the far side of the House.

    Deputy Micheál Martin: Is that the note from the Minister, Deputy Rabbitte?

    The Taoiseach: He chose to pick on the Labour Party.

    Deputy Micheál Martin: The poor Labour Party.

  • Clanky

    I think Ian Paisley summed it up nicely….

    “we cannot allow our justified hatred of the atrocities of the past to be a barrier to the future”

    And we can’t use it as an excuse not to give a voice to elected representatives, this is nothing more than the whataboutery seen so often on here.

    If we An Taoiseach can’t move on and leave the past in the past how can he then ask others to do so, once again politicians putting silly power games ahead of genuinely working towards a peaceful shared future for Ireland.

  • BarneyT

    Mister Joe – the point I intended to make was that the Gerry Adams past, as an issue, needs to be put to bed.

    I think they should put up or shut up. If they can prove Gerry was an active member, do so, and then he’ll have to fall on his sword. Otherwise it should be a disciplinary issue for anyhow that raises or intimates an active past without substantial proof.

    Presently Gerry in the Dail presents an oportunity to deflect, usually onto to Gerry himself.

  • IrelandNorth

    How many teflon Taoisigh can any Free State have in the course of 90 years? Yep! Ireland’s longest running soap, Ali K – in Da Hause! I said it before and I’ll say it again, big fish in small ponds always resist enlargement of a pond that will make them smaller. Even if a larger fish is from the same or similar shoal to itself. If only establishment politicians would oblige by swimming up stream like salmon do to their spawning rounds and duly expire, the representative democacy game would be far more interesting than it is. Amateur thespians – all!