Gaelscéal: Abortion for threat of suicide will be ‘logistical nightmare’ for psychiatrists

Tuairisc le Colm Ó Broin
Príomhscéal Ghaelscéal na seachtaine seo ná go bhfuil sé ráite ag Cathaoirleach an Irish Association of Suicideology (IAS) go gcothóidh reachtaíocht bunaithe ar Chás X ‘olldeacracht lóistíochúil’ do shíciatraithe.
Tá sé ina raic i bhFine Gael faoin moladh go gcuirfí reachtaíocht i bhfeidhm a cheadódh do bhean ginmhilleadh a fháil má bhíonn a saol i mbaol de bharr bagairt a dhéanamh go bhfuil sí féinmharfach.
De réir an Dr Justin Brophy, síciatraí comhairleach le Seirbhís Mheabhairshláinte Chill Mhantáin, beidh sé thar a bheith deacair ar shíciatraithe breithiúnas a dhéanamh an bhfuil duine éigin féinmharfach i ndáiríre nó nach bhfuil.

Gaelscéal na seachtaine seo

Pro-life campaigners and some Fine Gael backbenchers are concerned that allowing women to have an abortion if her life is at risk due to the threat of suicide will open the doors to ‘abortion on demand’ in the Republic.
The Chairman of the Irish Association of Suicideology has told Gaelscéal that legislation based on the X Case will create a ‘logistical nightmare’ for psychiatrists.
Dr Justin Brophy says that suicidal intent is an ‘easily fabricated’ condition. Psychiatrists can prove that a woman is suicidal based on her stated symptoms, but it is very difficult for them to prove that a woman who says she is not suicidal is not, nor is it their job to do so, he says.
Medical judgements can be wrong and psychiatrists will be on a “hiding to nothing” if asked to adjudicate in these cases according to Dr. Brophy.
He added that there would also be public outrage if a pregnant woman took her own life after a being refused an abortion based on a psychiatrists view that she was not suicidal.
  • Red Lion

    There is no way mental health services should be burdened with such issues. They are already under severe strain working at the thick end of the wedge.

    The prevalance of people with personality disorders with marked manipulative or attention seeking or unstable traits in mental health services is a massive challenge for staff in its day to day management and providing therapeutic intervention. Management of risk around suicidal behaviour where such personality traits and disorders exist is a very complex and stressful business for Mental Health staff, and they do this day and daily often several times a day, mostly with quietly effective outcomes. Throwing decisions around abortion into the mix around this issues is very unfair to staff and difficult to make work.

  • Henry94

    The inevitable outcome of any attempt to second guess a suicide risk will be another dead woman on our hands somewhere down the line and another political convulsion.

    These “life-panels” will either be a rubber stamp which would be hypocrisy or they will seriously try to work out the veracity of a suicide threat which would be absurd.

    The abortion question in Ireland is as simple as it has always been. Do we want to continue with the pretense that we are abortion free by outsourcing the reality to England. Or are we ready to grow up and take responsibility for it. If we bring it home we can work on bringing down the rates. That is the true pro-life position. Support women in their choices whole making bringing a child into the world a more attractive option.