400,000 people missing from the Electoral roll in NI…

Front page of the BelTel today, the Electoral Commission has discovered there’s been a slip in the accuracy of the electoral roll from 94% in 2008 to just 78% today. A lot of the discrepancy relates to people who no longer live here any more.

It may be that some of the stricter standards introduced to hold down cases of voter fraud is making for less efficient regular data updates.

  • oakleaf

    Sure thats what unionists and the sdlp wanted.

  • Mick Fealty

    Not that it will help them, or any of the parties. Thought struck me that we’re seeing youth outmigration affecting matters here.

  • Dewi

    That’s massive in four years – I wonder if an old pattern of catholic outmigration is re-establishing itself……see Census thread above….

  • Drumlins Rock

    Dewi, just heard a talk on population in this area over the last 200 yrs, and after the famine right up till recently it was the protestant townlands who had the highest out migration.

    This time though it does seem to be higher in Catholic areas, I think a dependance on construction jobs is a major factor there, and the Irish sub-culture in Australia is also an attractive lure to young Catholic men in particular.

    I know in Tyrone the tradition is you still live at home for voting purposes! and either travel home to vote or get your mum to vote proxy (not that easily obtained though!)

    However I think Mick has missed the real story here, that is almost one quarter of people are not registered at all!

  • This is an inevitable result of the end of the annual canvass – if one tries to do election administration on a shoestring, the quality inevitably suffers.

    As for the Fermanagh/Tyrone tradition of postal votes for people who last lived there 25 years ago, that has been stamped down on quite hard by the Electoral Office and rightly so.

  • Dewi

    “…and after the famine right up till recently it was the protestant townlands who had the highest out migration”

    No…..busy tonight but that ain’t true….i’ll get some facts when i have some time…