Fianna Fail slowly clamber back into the southern game…

I missed the latest Behaviours and Attitudes poll for the Sunday Times at the weekend, but to compensate, here’s Adrian Cavanagh’s tracking post which shows a clear movement in FF’s poll rating:

Fine Gael 30% (down 1%), Labour 12% (down 2%), Fianna Fail 22% (up 6%), Sinn Fein 14% (down 4%), Green Party 3% (up 1%), United Left Alliance, Independents and Others 19% (NC).

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  • BarneyT

    Lets see if this is affected by the SF private members bill. I doubt it will change much.

  • Mick Fealty

    Barney, I doubt it. FF have been insisting since the last election that SF does not really challenge them. I’m not sure that’s entirely true, but less than two years after a shocking defeat, they are trending in the right direction.

    The detail of the B&A poll is interesting, though I’d go a little bit light on it since it has exaggerated spurts of growth for other parties in the past. It may well be exaggerating the fall back of SF too.

    For instance, it has FF bouncing back in Dublin, which I would read with a high degree of caution since this is the place it was routed last year.

    I’d love to see to the detailed figures on demographic spread since I know from the last Irish Times poll there was signs of life in the C2s, which is a key working class demographic they need to recover from Labour.

    FG again, though it generally draws little wider comment, are still sitting in a decent position at the moment, given this has been a tough phase of government in the run in to the budget, and the travails of the Health Minister.

    The cross ideological independents seem to be holding pretty strongly too. Labour still bust. The only movement in the whole race is this see saw between SF and FF, much of which is that fight for those urban FFers who defected Labour last election.

    On the whole, I’m not sure that people are so much turning away from SF as just not seeing them on the media anymore. Turning that around is going to be tough.