Simon Coveney to address the DUP…

cropped DUP logoAnd here’s a first, a Fine Gaeler, indeed a southern Minister of any description, is to address the DUP party conference for the first time ever… The rational is intesting, a commonality of interests in Europe around CAP:

Diane Dodds MEP said it was important to engage with “all actors within the Common Agricultural Policy reform process . . . Simon Coveney has over the last number of months prepared himself for the task ahead. He has visited other parts of the UK in recent weeks, and indeed has visited and spoken to many of the lead member states.

“He has also built strong relations with the [European] agricultural commissioner Dacian Ciolos and members of the European parliament.

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  • son of sam

    Given the Stormont “partnership ” between D U P and Sinn Fein,is it only a matter of time before Martina Anderson M E P is invited to address the Conference ?!!

  • Carsons Cat

    Presume you actually mean rationale 😉

    Perfectly logical isn’t it though – The RoI take up the Presidency of the EU in June next year and that will be the key period of negotiations for the Common Agri Policy.

    Effectively Coveney could be the man who sets this policy for the next decade, so isn’t bad to do some schmoozing with him. Doesn’t really matter what country he’s from if it bags a few goodies for the locals.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Let’s hope he has a bit more political nous than Jonathan Bell had when he addressed the FG ard fheis earlier in the year.