“I’m proud of the BBC…”

You won’t do better anywhere on the net than reading Brian’s piece on corporate governance at the BBC… But this from Mitch Benn is worth watching for the crack… But it also a hymn to the verities of public service broadcasting.

HT, Alasdair McKenzie on Google Plus

  • jthree
  • iluvni

    Strange that Mitch finds space to be proud of ‘Jeremy Hardy’ but couldnt fit ‘Jim’ll fix it’ into his lyrics.

  • Professor Yattle

    None of this exactly helps the perception of a centre-left groupthink culture.

  • Framer

    It always comes back to Northern Ireland. The wally who approved the Newsnight report was the BBC’s Northern Ireland controller Peter Johnston. He made the decision because the Beeb was ‘running out of people’ from its management board to do so. Mr Johnston who worked in marketing for Shell and as a management consultant at Coopers and Lybrand “has very little journalistic experience.”
    But he knows what to do in such a crisis – keep David Vance, custodian of the exceptionally popular Biased-BBC website, off the programme.
    Sunday Sequence, had a discussion on the crisis yesterday with three BBC insiders who – as one – bemoaned the mistakes made yet, oddly, did not mention political bias and the Tories.
    Vance is called in as a fall guy on occasional economic discussions by Stephen Nolan, but the most obvious go-to guy in Northern Ireland to discuss the BBC meltdown is ruthlessly kept off the air.
    I wonder did Johnston make that decision too?

  • Mick Fealty

    The ‘obvious go to guy’… I’d say that’s contestable… I love DV dearly as a human being, but there are other reasons to consider going elsewhere for a critical voice on the subject. Every time I to engage him on policy detail, for instance, he just gives up and walks away.

    Ideology only gets you so far.

    The government is more empowered now to take further revenge. Injudicious cutting seems to have been the reason Johnson was promoted to a spot where he was asked to take a decision without adequate access to alternative journalistic opinion to second guess the decision of a trusted and senior journalist.

    There will be more sackings and then the redundancies will resume apace. Those waiting on the market to fill the gap will be waiting a very long time. The US commercial players get to make good TV because of the size of their market can sustain costly production teams.

    The UK market cannot. The video above is an attempt within the BBC’s dark hours to point out that costly though it is, if the cuts agenda is panicked into a further stage, then more good stuff will just get binned for expediency’s sake.

  • andnowwhat

    Just heard on the radio that the BBC are suspending all investigative journalism for now.

  • andnowwhat

    Alex Kane just called it right. when Savile broke and top Tories accused, it looked I’ve anyone could be taken down but now the powerful are looking after themselves.

  • BarneyT

    For a while the Torys saw an opportunity to nail the Beeb…until the tables turned. Whilst the license is contentious for many, the BBC in my view should be valued and cherished as a non-commercial state (god damn pinko liberal) broadcaster…..on a pesonal level, being proud of the BBC is akin to be pround of being Irish, English etc…as neither are personal accomplishments 🙂