Late night US election panel preview: The First Debate…

Kevin Anderson and I just going over some first line analysis of last night’s face off between Mitt Romney (who clearly enjoyed himself) and a very tired and under par President Obama…

The main event is tomorrow night at 11pm, Dublin/London time… 6pm on the East coast, and 3pm on the west…

  • The CNN poll went 67% for a Romney “win”, 25% Obama. CBS had it 46-22 (with 32 for the tie).

    The interesting one was the online Google survey. While it was “in play”, the polling was 38.9% Obama, 35.5% Romney. When the poll re-ran after the debate (and presumably when respondents had seen the other verdicts), it went 47.8% Romney to 25.4% Obama — pretty close to the CBS result.

    [Yes: that’s via the indispensable Nate Silver.]

    They say that budgets which get instant approval inevitably turn sour in the cold light of the following morning. That could just apply to the debate. As some bright spark tweeted, Romney had had his extra plate of Cheerios. Obama was very subdued.

    No Bain and 47%? That’s presumably the killer for next time — or to be left to the PACs.

    Y’know the parallels between the whole Obama thing and The West Wing don’t go away. Series 4, episode 6, Game On is the one here (if my memory serves me right, it’s the tail-end of the first segment). CJ is worried which of Bartlet’s personalities will turn up:

    Josh: Well if we lose because of a ten-word answer, I’m quitting show business.

    C.J.: I think it depends who shows up. If it’s Uncle Fluffy, we’ve got problems. If it’s the President, in his last campaign, his last debate, for the last job he’ll ever have … if the President shows up, I think it’ll be a sight to see.

    Last night it was “Professor Obama”; and no obvious hostages to fortune — I think I detected at least one from Romney, especially with a snip or two on the video-tape. If this really is the time Romney makes a game of it, I reckon we could be rid of Prof. Fluffy.

  • Kevsterino

    I don’t think Romney made enough points on why he should get the top job. He looked too negative to me. The negativity can win a debate, but I don’t think that translates to an election victory. I’d love to see his plan, but haven’t caught a glimpse of it in the last six months.