Paisley on Carson: “we salute the man who taught us all how to be true Irishmen and women”

Whilst the world and his wife is waiting on the regular knife edge that any march through north Belfast brings, Ian Paisley writes of his hero Carson on the actual date of the Convenant:

Carson’s idea for the future of his country did not tally with that held by men like Pearse or Connolly. His leadership was that of a man who was loved by the people, but in the end cast aside by his colleagues.

He remains in the hearts of Ulster Unionists because he was a man of the masses, not because he was an establishment figure, and that is a rare gem indeed. There are politician’s politicians, and there are people’s politicians.

The former are two a-penny, the latter are one a century. That is why it is Lord Carson who stands on Stormont’s hill, and that is why Ulster and Carson are forever synonymous.

On this 28th day of September, 100 years after his pen touched parchment, we salute the man who taught us all how to be true Irishmen and women.

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