Charges re-instated against Marian Price and others

The BBC reports that the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) have re-instated charges against Marian Price and three Londonderry men in relation to a 32 County Sovereignty Movement Easter Monday parade in the city in 2011.  Among those being charged again is Marvin Canning – the 50-year-old brother-in-law of Northern Ireland deputy First Minister, Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness.  From the BBC report

In May, a district judge said he would not return the four for trial as there were “no papers in front of him” and the charges were not proceeded with.

However, the decision by the PPS means that the four will now face the original charges again.

The three Derry men were freed but Ms Price continued to be held in custody because her licence had been revoked.

Ms Price, 57, who appeared in court under her married name of Marian McGlinchey, from Stockman’s Avenue in Belfast, was charged along with Paddy McDaid, 42, of Sackville Court, Frank Quigley, 29, of Elmwood Road and Marvin Canning, 50, of Glendara, all in Derry, in connection with managing and taking part in a meeting in support of a proscribed organisation.

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  • Mister_Joe

    It’s good that the PSNI and the PPS try their best to ensure that alleged lawbreaking is dealt with.,. Now, if only they would do that all of the time.

  • HeinzGuderian

    Why don’t you just say what you mean ? Cut through all the bullshit …huh ? 😉

  • ArdoyneUnionist

    If the article in Martin Meehan’s blog about Alan Lundy is is anything to go by then Marian wont be getting any support from the shinners.

    “At a recent meeting with Stormont Minister Gerry Kelly, on the separate matter of the internment of Alan’s son (also named Alan), he stated that as he viewed myself and my brother were, in his words, “political opponents of Sinn Fein” he and his party would be doing nothing to support our family in their campaign to have my brother released”.

  • Mister_Joe


    If that was meant for me, I admit I can bullshit at times. But I do prefer listening to an expert in that area, so please do carry on.

  • HeinzGuderian

    Sorry to disappoint Joe. I’ve had my Two lines of Slugger today.I refuse to become addicted.
    But you snort away there fella……..;-)

  • The re-charging of Marian Price-McGlinchey is nothing more than an abuse of the ‘Justice’ system and proves if any was needed that the British & Stormont Governments want their pound of flesh of here…What exactly do they want?

    Marian is medically unfit to stand any kind of trial and has been in hospital for months, in the interest of moral justice she should be released from ‘custody’ immediately.

    In response to @ardoyneunionist above, both Gerry Kelly MLA and Cllr. Gerry McCabe strongly deny making such a statement about Alan Lundy but the Lundy family are adamant he did…

    Whether one agrees with the politics of the Lundy Clann or not, they are a well-respected family within Ardoyne. As their husband and father was before he was killed in 1993.

  • Mister_Joe


    I understand what you say about “medically unfit”. If that is the case, as it appears to be, she will not have to face a court. Apart from that, people released by the GFA, and before, were not pardoned. They were released on licence. It would be foolish of anyone to risk being re-incarcerated. Ms Price-McGlinchey seems to have done just that. And, having almost died recently myself, hospital is a pretty good place to be.

  • Mister_Joe

    Many people would judge Michael Stone to be mentally insane. Should he be released?

  • If Stone is mentally insane or other type of illness and can’t get better then yes, he should get out…

    Unlike Stone, I’ve met Marian a number of times and the Hunger-Strike she endured in the 70’s had a massive effect on her health..If the British & Stormont Governments wish to seen in a decent light they should release her…

    What problems would it cause to release her to a hospital, where she can get the proper treatment? Should every State not have a system to help the most vunerable in society, rather than punishing them more……

  • lamhdearg2

    you really dont like me do you pete.

    On subject question, why put the acuseds addresses in your thread?.

  • lamhdearg2

    accused, just in case bad spelling is a yellow.

  • Pete Baker


    “why put the acuseds addresses in your thread?”

    You’d better ask the BBC.

    That’s where the quoted line is from…

  • Jimmy Sands

    If the British & Stormont Governments wish to seen in a decent light they should release her

    An intriguing argument. Would her release really lead you to see them in a decent light?

  • ForkHandles

    Ms Price, 57
    Marvin Canning, 50

    Alot of the mad chuckies are in the 50-60 bracket now. That means that we’ll be effectively free of them in another 10-15 years. Great 🙂

  • Fork handles,

    No offence but, although unlikely, I hope to live another 20 years and I’m an oul argumentative geezer and have already almost died 3 times. Isn’t modern medicine wonderful?

  • dwatch

    “If Stone is mentally insane or other type of illness and can’t get better then yes, he should get out…”

    ArdEoin Republican, Michael Stone’s actions even after he was released from prison under the GFA he is no doubt “dangerously loopy the loop”. But not that “loopy” if he knew he could be removed to a mental ward with a: “relaxed hospital environment “. Example Jack Nicholson in the film: “One who flew over the Cookoo’s nest”

    Plot: “In 1963 Oregon, Randle McMurphy, a recidivist anti-authoritarian criminal serving a short sentence on a prison farm for statutory rape of a 15-year-old girl, is transferred to a mental institution for evaluation. Although he does not show any overt signs of mental illness, he hopes to avoid hard labor and serve the rest of his sentence in a more relaxed hospital environment.”'s_Nest_(film)&sa=U&ei=aUBIUPKKAcPT0QX6wIFg&ved=0CCYQFjAB&usg=AFQjCNG3fKh77FFGuG-8iytyDdUvvIge1w

  • ForkHandles

    MJ, Its unlikely that we would see a 75 year old out on active serivce!

  • J Kelly

    Does anyone know if Marvin will be allowed to come to Derry court. Maybe Rosemount Resource Centre will sort out a day pass for him.