Shotgungate: a visual comment

With the news that DUP Health Minister Edwin Poots sent a few shotgun rounds across the bow in order to warn off a few no good intruders doing the round I had to put this riveting imagery to cartoon.

I further felt the shotgun imagery was readily applicable to the Poots blood donor controversy that went on a few months ago and I quickly put together a cartoon on that, as you can see below:

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  • Good Morning, Brian,

    That looks very much like a cartoonish Peter Robinson in front of Edwin Poots.

  • Greenflag

    Minister Poots might be reminded that he’s not the only Minister on this island who has had reason to shoot into the ‘night ‘ But at least in Poots case it was a warning shot . Not so for Minister ‘Bats Donegan ‘ who a few decades ago was embroiled in a ‘shooting ‘controversy directed at travelling people and/or bats ?.

    From the slugger archives :

    Re the role of Bats Donegan in the resignation of President O’Dalaigh (Daly) . I have always been of the view that Daly should never have resigned because of the remarks of Donegan who by the way became known as ‘Bats ‘ after a garda questioned him re gunshots being fired near his land apparently aimed at some travelling people . Donegan said he was not shooting at the travelling people but at bats – and in broad daylight too !