SPL tell Rangers FC (Newco) not this year…

A bit wicked, but also a bit funny. The first comment the STV story from about half an hour ago saying Rangers FC (‘Sevco Ltd’) have been refused reentry to the SPL:

Note to clubs formed three weeks ago: You’re applying at the wrong end of the league structure.

  • derrydave

    Such sad news 🙂

  • Mick Fealty

    I’m looking forward to the astringent effects their absence will have on other clubs… Celtic may well have admirably lived within their means, but their means have just dropped considerably.

  • salgado

    Do they now become Club 42?

  • derrydave

    Mick, qualification for the Champions League every year will more than cancel out any loss from no old firm matches….assuming of course we don’t feck up the qualifiers (admittedly, may be a big assumption to make !). Regardless of the circumstances Celtic will continue to be run in the most professional manner, lead by a very high-calibre board and with stringent policies & procedures and very strong corporate governance. Quite the opposite of how things operated across Glasgow in the soon to be liquidated Rangers Football Club. Life is sweet 🙂

  • Celtic did the right thing saying nothing right up to the vote.
    Defenders of Rangers would have loved Celtic to have got involved.
    Clearly Rangers had to be published and the Rangers “mitigation” built around “you need us more than we need you” has not worked.
    Its been a fascinating story to follow, not least because of the “establishments” tactics to keep Rangers in the PL.
    Well done to the SPL Clubs for putting Integrity……..and incidently their fans…..ahead of Money.

    And ull marks to the “diddy clubs” who spoke yesterday of being bullied.
    Personally I dont think that Rangers should lose all those titles…..Id hate to think of their fans having expensive surgery to have the tattoos removed.

  • oops….”published”=”punished”

  • DT123

    Presumably Alba will step in to pick up the TV rights of the SPL?

  • lamhdearg2

    No one likes us———————————–we dont care.

  • lamhdearg2

    Celtic will survive, many more will not, how many Rangers fans will never grace the doors of the clubs who voted against them?, thats if they are still going concerns by the time (what is for many of them) their biggest payday of the season returns.

  • “Grace” is not a word I associate with Rangers travelling support.
    Some of their travelling support might even be here next week.
    But appeals for mitigation are more likely to amuse than convince. A bit like murdering your parents and asking the court to consider that youre now an orphan.

  • Mick Fealty

    Grace is not common place amongst many teams travelling support in Scotland and elsewhere…

  • lamhdearg2

    fjh, have you got a problem with tourists (and their lolly) coming to ulster, for the july festivities.
    I have found it hard to get concrete “away” attendence figures for Rangers fans, without a slant attached, (maybe clubs are tax dodging) however as many clubs in all leagues are cutting it fine, less money seems a strange way to go.
    Can anyone enlighten me as to the next vote, do all the clubs in each league decide, one league at a time, where Rangers play?.

  • Three-quarters of Rangers fans on their season-ticket database have voted for a drop to the third division; I’d guess the vast majority of fans of other Scottish clubs would also be delighted to see them there.

    The main thing preventing the most just and popular course being taken is the cowardly attitude of those in authority who are driven solely by panic of the assorted money men who are not happy at the thought of a SPL minus the cashcow that is Rangers for (at least) 3 years.

    Tough- if a league and clubs are so apparently dependent on one club’s popularity for their survival, then there is something wrong with the whole foundation of that league and those clubs and they don’t deserve to survive anyway.

  • Been wondering why, as it has become increasingly they would be in the lower(est) Division, that a pitch isn’t made to just enter Conference and work up the English leagues. Hasn’t that been discussed before? Ideal opportunity.

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    It must have been thought about, Certainly if I was the rangers chairman, I’d be considering saying stuff the SFL and move down to England. The SPL sides can chuckle but the smaller sides have just lost a whack of their gate receipts, Without a competitive Rangers, I’d imagine the TV money will go after the current deal, and I guess the way Scottish clubs qualify for european competitions will also change.

    Fair play to the clubs – Rangers deserve to be punished. However, the consequences could potentially destroy professional football in Scotland.

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    from yahoo news:
    SPL clubs will now hope their Scottish Football League counterparts accept the newco in the First Division amid warnings that £16million could be lost to the Scottish game if they go down to the Third.
    Three-quarters of Rangers fans on the season-ticket database voted for the lower tier in a poll for their preferred option, but Green has previously declared his intention to play at the highest possible level. Warnings have been made in the last few days that up to half the SPL clubs could go into administration if the Ibrox club are in the bottom tier.
    It appears that most if not all of the SPL’s commercial contracts include exit clauses for sponsors and partners allowing them to pull out or renegotiate if the Old Firm are not present. The clauses were inserted amid speculation over the Glasgow pair moving to England or into a European league but they have proved costly after Rangers went into liquidation last month.

  • May I suggest a quick visit to http://rangerstaxcase.wordpress.com/ (Orwell prize winning blog 2012)
    Read the comments section if you want a flavour of what Scottish fans actually want.

  • dwatch

    Celtic statement

    “Celtic today confirmed that it opposed re-admission to the Scottish Premier League by Rangers newco.

    “Today’s decision to refuse access into the SPL was an overwhelming one and demonstrates the depth of feeling amongst everyone involved in Scottish football.

    “Fundamentally, the Celtic Board has also been very mindful of the need to take what it believes to be the correct course of action in protecting the integrity of the game in Scotland.

    “The matter is now within the jurisdiction of the Scottish Football Association and it will be for the SFA to decide on the future of Rangers newco.

    “Throughout the whole sequence of events leading up to today’s decision the Celtic Board has been of the singular view that the integrity of the game in Scotland is of paramount importance. Our only other consideration has been to protect the interests and right of the club and our supporters.

    “Whilst the financial implications of today’s vote for Celtic and for the Scottish game as a whole will be very significant, we have already stated that Celtic has a business plan and strategy independent of any other club http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18702275

  • Mister_Joe

    Being away, I didn’t see much news on the demise of this once great team. I’ve checked it out via google. Did all of this really only take 6 months or was the storm brewing for a while?

  • Cowdenbeath Club Statement

    “July 4, 2012

    Due to speculation surrounding the issue of “Rangers” and its possible admission to the SFL, the Board of Cowdenbeath FC wishes to clarify the following.

    At the regular monthly Board Meeting held on Monday 2nd July 2012, the Board of Cowdenbeath resolved that it would support any application made by “Rangers” to join the SFL. It would not support any attempt to admit “Rangers” into the First Division of the SFL.

    Today, “Rangers” have been excluded from the SPL.

    At an Emergency Board Meeting held at Central Park tonight (4th July 2012) the Board again considered the matter.

    The Board decided that it would support any application by “Rangers” to join the SFL but would vote against the present proposal which, amongst other matters, would admit “Rangers” directly into the First Division of the SFL.

    This decision has been taken in the interests of football and the best interests of Cowdenbeath FC.

    A Board spokesman said “If integrity in our game is to survive, then Rangers must start off SFL life in the Third Division. This is an SPL problem but the Clubs of that league have taken their decision for reasons which they must explain to all Scottish football supporters. The SPL and SFA should have resolved this long before now. They have tried to pass the buck to the SFL clubs and have tried to force them to accept “Rangers” into the First Division – to provide the greatest benefit to the SPL. This lacks any integrity and casts a dark shadow over our game. Cowdenbeath FC condemns this approach. The Board is in no doubt that our stance is consistent with integrity and the long term financial future of our Club. We ask all supporters of what ever Club, who share our views, to rally round and back us in the Season ahead”.

    Chairman Donald Findlay added – “Speaking for myself, and myself alone, it is clear to me that people at the highest levels of our game have tried to hold a gun to my head and the heads of my colleagues. That will never work. But I have a long memory and will not forget what they tried to do and the way they tried to bend me, and this Club, to their will. That will never be allowed to happen”

  • keano10

    Jelly and Ice Cream… 🙂

  • woodysj


    Been wondering why, as it has become increasingly they would be in the lower(est) Division, that a pitch isn’t made to just enter Conference and work up the English leagues. Hasn’t that been discussed before? Ideal opportunity.

    This came up in debate between EPL club chairman earlier this year and they rejected it and the EPL chairman Richard Scudamore in March this year said it “will never happen on my watch”. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/football/spl/2012/03/20/english-premier-league-will-never-open-its-doors-to-old-firm-insists-richard-scudamore-86908-23795714/

    At the same time the English Football League chairman Greg Clarke said it will never happen. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2117140/Celtic-wont-join-League-One-Championship.html

    I remember he did an interview on Talksport just after the article came out he said “If Rangers or Celtic want to play in the English football league they can apply to play in the North West Outer Counties Division 9”. It would take them 11 years i think to make it to the conference level if they won promotion every season.

    Everton Manager David Moyes got the same answer when he asked if they could have a ‘B’ team in the Conference four or five years ago. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2012/jan/20/everton-david-moyes-reserve-conference

    It would be unfair if Rangers were parachuted into the conference displacing teams that have worked their way up to get into the division.

  • Here is another club statement that makes sensational reading


  • lamhdearg2

    Jelly and Ice Cream,
    Although I understand the enjoyment Rangers haters have taken from the clubs troubles, I dont get now, not getting a chance to beat the club they love to hate, makes them happy.
    Any championships won while Rangers are working their way back up, will be tainted, or at least thats how I a Rangers fan would see it where the shoe on the other foot.

    Thank you Bangordub, for the links.

  • Of course a Rangers fan might see Premiership titles won over the next few years as “tainted”.
    The vast majority of fans from other clubs might think that titles won over the past several years ……by Rangers …..are also “tainted”.
    I dont of course know how Rangers fans feel about that.

    But the vote at todays SPL (10-1 with an abstention) is a reminder of the doting mother watching her son at the Trooping of the Colour.
    “They are all out of step but my Johnny”.
    Still Rangers fans can look on the bright side…..a possible three-in-a-row…….Div3, Div2, Div1.

  • Mister_Joe


    Your remark reminds me of another story (if Mick allows the diversion).
    Wife calls her elderly husband on his cell phone to tell him to get off the highway since the local radio says that some idiot is driving the wrong way. An idiot, he says, there are hundreds of them.

  • BluesJazz

    Just simply the Scottish league(s) following the Irish League and League of Wales in to oblivion. No-one outside those places cares.
    Celtic will be in the same place as Linfield for a good while. Winning a de facto amateur league. And getting tanked by fishing ports and zinc mine townships in uefaland.
    Rangers may have a big support base but so did/do Leeds Utd and that’s the way the cookie crumbles.
    The Bundesliga is the role model for football.

  • lamhdearg2

    If not paying taxes to the tune of what, a fraction of the spend both Rangers and celtic paid out over the time,
    If the thinking is that, that got Rangers its titles, and that tainted those titles, then sure why not, but its a thin veneer over sour grapes.

  • I wil now display my almost total ignorance of the financial realities of Scottish fitba.

    This is surely an opportunity for Rangers to cultivate every football club in Scotland as they rise through the divisions starting in Div 3. Give every minnow the opportunity to visit the big city and in return receive a boost to their home attendance. Rangers would still be in the cup competitions, they could conceivably win a cup as a 3rd Division club. It’s a fairy story in the making, a once proud club not too humble to start all over again at the bottom.

    As to Rangers fans I once had an afternoon in their company in their supporters’ club next to the ground. Probably the best afternoon in my football supporting life, true I was with some Hearts supporters and I didn’t disclose that my allegiance was to neither, but the banter was gunslinger quick with no blanks. And curiously enough very few sectarian interventions and those usually by people too arsed to join in the craic. For me it was like being Wimbledon court side. Truly a memorable day and I wish the Rangers supporters well.

  • Mick Fealty


    “The Bundesliga is the role model for football.”

    Pretty much. Not sure how a league like the SPL gets there though. The absence of Rangers only heightens a problem that was already there.

    We linked a good Rangers fan’s post a month or two back saying that no compromise deal would do. That starting from the bottom was the only way to rebuild the club and the morale.

    They may earn themselves some honest redemption as a club, but I doubt it will save Scottish football from itself…

  • derrydave

    Very naive Mick – yes Rangers fans are pretty much united in their view that they should start again in division 3, however even a cursory glance at any of their message boards indicates that the motivation for this is less the desire for redemption for the club and more based around their bitterness and hatred towards the other SPL clubs and their desire to make the whole of Scottish football pay for what they perceive as a great injustice done against their club. They are almost revelling in what will happen to the other SPL clubs and not even considering what will happen to their own club (which will be set back almost 10 years behind Celtic). For what it’s worth I don’t think the dire predictions about the future of Scottish football without Rangers will come to pass. Scotland is a footballing nation and I can see sponsors and supporters being renewed and revived and even a mini-renaissance in Scottish Football occurring. Here’s hoping ! Will be an interesting journey, that;s for sure !

  • DT123


    What do you think will happen to Celtic’s shirt sponsor.The arrangement wherby they and Rangers had the same sponsor,presumably for the same money will I assume be at an end?

    If so ,what sponsor will pay Celtic “top dollar”,which will result in the “blue” section of the country “boycotting” their product?

  • john

    All the bitter nonsense directed at the other teams that they will fail with no Rangers – will they? if they dont have the money surely they just form a newco and parachute into the first divison with all their debts absolved, sound familiar!

  • Mick Fealty

    Bitterness comes with the territory. Back in 89, when Souness was kicking off Ranger’s nine-in-a-row the bitterness on and off the Celtic terraces was tangible. That’s what makes Ranger’s fall such pleasure for Celtic supporters.

    Scottish Football has gone through a couple of short periods (the 50s and the 80s) of a real competitiveness at the top, but for the most part it entails the Old Firm going out and collecting points off a whole range of clubs.

    I’d like to think you are right, but the long term economics are against it. Just look at this write up on Celtic’s plastering of of Hibs at Easter Road back in December 1989:

    I was there, and was one of the stunned. It was a great goal, but you could not escape the feeling that these were two clubs revolving in different worlds.

    The win did little for the Celtic fans’s depressed spirits though, since the real contest was against the club who slipped three easy goals past Motherwell on the same day.

  • tacapall

    SFA chief executive Stewart Regan claims.

    “In the immediate aftermath of Scottish Premier League clubs rejecting Charles Green’s application for top-flight entry, Regan also made a stark claim that depriving Rangers fans of their team would spark “social unrest.

    Regan made it clear the SFA could not allow the Ibrox club to start at the bottom, meaning Scottish Football League clubs face the prospect of an SPL2 breakaway if they reject a plan to put them in the First Division”.

    Good old fashioned blackmail usually does the trick.

  • tyrone_taggart

    “Just simply the Scottish league(s) following the Irish League and League of Wales in to oblivion. No-one outside those places cares.”

    Is that not currently the situation?

    They should go for a Gaelic league across Scotland and Ireland.

    I know that is as daft as wondering why NI reland supporters who love there country could not try and forget about Rangers and support a local team?

  • Valenciano

    I’ve no love for Rangers football club but Scots football has been in decline for some years now and this situation will only make it worse. Only a few seasons ago, the league champions got automatic entry into the champs league group stages with the runner-up (nine times out of ten the other Old Firm club) starting 2 rounds earlier in the 3rd qualifying round. However from 2010/2011 the league champs and runner up have both had to start at the third qualfiying round and this is the last season that will happen. From the next (2013/2014) season only the champs will enter the tournament and they’ll even start a round earlier, in the second qualifying round, meaning they’ll need to beat three clubs just to reach the group stages, something which has been beyond them in recent years. The runners up will have the unedifying prospect of the Europa league qualifying stages. Rangers were one of only two clubs with the support base and resources to compete at European level and therefore to maybe improve that situation. It’s really unlikely that Motherwell will be unable to overcome 2 clubs of the calibre of Dynamo Kiev, Spartak Moscow, Feyenoord, Udinese or Fenerbache.

    The end result of all this is that, deprived of champs league group stage football and the income from sponsors who will be more reluctant to sponsor clubs not involved in that contest, clubs like Celtic will have a lot less in terms of cash. That can only lead to a further decline in standards as better players (who want guaranteed champs league footy) go elsewhere. I don’t see why Rangers fans are gloating about that though, it’s cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  • derrydave

    DT123 – Paddypower ? Guinness ? Alternatively, and more realistically, I’d guess that the current arangement with joint sponsors will be likely to continue, however with less monies being paid to Rangers than Celtic given the reduced exposure.

    MIck, this is a whole new territory for Scottish football, and the biterness and hatred I’m talking of is not being directed as is usual between Rangers and Celtic, but instead is being directed towards all the other so-called diddy-teams by the Rangers support. It’s anyones guess how this all plays out, but I’d be very surprised if the SFA’s fix of putting Rangers into Div 1 will succeed given the strong feelings of the fans and the obvious lack of ‘sporting integrity’ involved in this move. Has to be division 3 for me, and resignations at the SFA for the way they have handles this. Despite all the critics the Scottish league is a long way from being an Irishor Welsh league. Scotland is a footballing nation – attendances have dropped off to a scary level in recent years, however the current changes could be the spark that ignites the support base of a number of the bigger clubs e.g. Hearts.

  • tacapall

    “In the immediate aftermath of Scottish Premier League clubs rejecting Charles Green’s application for top-flight entry, Regan also made a stark claim that depriving Rangers fans of their team would spark “social unrest”

    Complete and utter balderdash. FC United (amongst others) have pointed the way for disaffected fans. Rangers fans will only be ultimately deprived of “their team” if they fail to get off their arses and let it happen; they have a big enough supportbase to enable them to bypass leeches like Green and start from scratch again. Only their arrogance is stopping them from walking away.


    “They should go for a Gaelic league across Scotland and Ireland.
    I know that is as daft as wondering why NI reland supporters who love there country could not try and forget about Rangers and support a local team”

    Because, of course, it is only NI supporters who travel across the Irish Sea in large numbers everyweek to watch their team. Those Belfast/Derry/Armagh/Dublin/Cork etc etc etc accents I’ve heard at almost every Utd match I’ve EVER been to in England must have been figments of my imagination.

    And that’s the problem with your er… “Gaelic League”; the people who could make it work are instead at Anfield, Old Trafford and any one of a dozen English grounds every matchday. Portadown versus Motherwell isnt going to tempt them back.

  • tyrone_taggart


    Rangers difficulty is Ireland’s opportunity. Celtic vrs derry city /Linfield/shamrock rovers could temp some of those who currently travel?

  • TT,

    In my own personal version of hell, I would have a season-ticket to watch Linfield playing Celtic at Windsor every week of the season, so no thank you very much- give me 12 hours travelling to watch a nil-nil draw at Swansea or Norwich any day!

    I think in the scenario you mention, Celtic would end up a bit like a Glasgow/Irish version of the Harlem Globetrotters. It would work maybe for a season for the novelty value but long-term I can’t see it being viable.

    John Hartson once said something about the Celtic/Rangers relationship:

    “It should be about football but the Old Firm boils down to one thing:hatred. Pure and utter hatred between both sets of supporters. The thing is Glasgow football thrives on that.”

    The absence of that is what Celtic needs to cope with now- it’s not a bad thing obviously for them that the focus of that hatred will have gone but it does give them a serious challenge mow to establish a stand-alone *brand* but i don’t think that they can do that whilst competing with the likes of Shamrock rovers or Derry City.

  • lamhdearg2

    Manager Ally McCoist has come out heavily in favour of newco Rangers joining the Scottish Third Division.

  • Rangers, as they were, are dead and gone. The best hope they have is to rebuild something like Wimbledon did in England.
    A lot has been said about the impact of a reduced or diminished Club on wider society in Scotland, culturally, politically and socially.
    It would be interesting to do a post on the impact of this on the large Rangers following in Northern Ireland. I would attempt this on my own site but I’m not best placed to get the relevant views. Does anyone have an angle on this?

  • abucs

    I heard the Scottish clubs have reconsidered Rangers argument of the loss of money from no Old Firm games.

    In a decision of 10-1 they have voted Celtic down to the 3rd Division as well. :o)

  • BangorDub
    Far too early to tell if it will have any long term consequence beyond the natural inclination of football fans to enjoy bragging rights…as they do the world over.
    Usually bragging rights last from Saturday until after lunch time on Monday.
    Anyone who has ever worked in an office or factory will know that anyone continuing to brag after lunch on Monday is a bit of an eejit……..
    Exceptionally of course bragging rights last a summer when a Championship is won and lost…..but by kick off in August its all gone.

    This of course is different especially when the bragging rights are toxic. We have all seen the cartoons. We have all heard the jokes.
    But the actual demise of a club (and “club” never seems the right word in football). We have all come a long way from late Victorian roots. The railway workers who founded Newton Heath/Manchester United never thought of floatation on the New York Stock Exchange and a lot of football fans will be thinking that “there but for the Grace of God goes my club”.
    Conventional thinking is that Rangers and Celtic are two sides of the one coin…..but simply splitting the difference is not necessarily the best way to approach any historical fact.
    For now…….the entry in Wikipedia says “Rangers was a football club……” (past tense)……and presumably bragging rights cant be the same when a club is actually gone……and any replacement will take three years to rise from the dead.
    Rangers fans are probably not going to rush to support Celtic…..there may well be eventually a drift towards Hearts and Dundee.
    The newco….faces a choice….try and re-invent itself as a new beginnng shorn of a toxic past…which three years in isolation might fix………or be driven by fan pressure to be even more bullish.
    Locally…..it might actually boost local football…….arguably Linfield more than most. But Ive been wondering for a while the effect it will have on sales of Rangers kits……actually I think they already have a new kit for next season……do locals reject this or become more entrenched.

    Certainly the sight of Celtic shirts might prove inflamatory and its the nature of these things that Celtic supporters might enjoy wearing them even more……..but personally I hope it emboldens places such as shopping malls to perhaps ban all football related stuff.
    Might be a good time to draw a line in the sand.

  • Mr Fitz,
    Thanks for the reply, I actually thought the same. with no “old firm” games for the foreseeable’ perhaps the local clubs will see some benefit in terms of increased attendances, not to mention shirt sales! I see today that the fighting fund set up by ‘what was Rangers’ supporters is being used to lay a new pitch at Ibrox

    I wonder did contributors realise that their contributions would be be spent on what is surely a function of the owners?

  • I see Celtic are 1/33 to win the Premier. Better return on your money than you’d get with most savings accounts and probably also a safer one.

    When will they present them with the trophy before or just after their first game?

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    Division 3 by the looks of it? A deserved punishment but you have to wonder if it’s like Turkeys voting for Christmas!