At the end of the week who was up and who was down?

Here’s my pick…

Up is Martin McGuinness as he stepped up the plate on behalf of his party, swallowed his Republican pride and once again did the manly thing and shook hands with the “Queen of England”.

Down is the Chancellor of the Exchequer who’s latest budget seems to be losing large bits off it with every week that passes by.

Down with him goes the Treasury Secretary Chloe Smith who withered under Paxman’s fire when trying to explain the latest of her bosses seemingly inexplicable u turns.

Up is the First Minister who ‘found’ himself centre of almost every picture on the front page of every major newspaper on these two islands…

Up too the US Constitution with the Supreme Court (SCOTUS to you and I) by refusing to conform to expectations of the two big parties and wrong footing almost every big news organisation in the process.

Down is Gerry Adams bested by a Taoiseach barely rated by a swathe of his own backbenchers, who turned the SF TD’s ‘revisionist’ taunt back on him.

Down too is the former Minister for Regional Development Conor Murphy for being caught red handed (no pun intended) doing exactly same kinds of things that kicked of the civil rights movement in the late sixties…

Up is the Taoiseach who not only gave the former member for West Belfast ‘take a reddner’ but came back from the European summit with a little something to prove he was just an ‘observer’ at the real game..

Tell us yours?

  • Up…..Mervyn King..I found him rather hard-hitting today.
    Down…David Cameron mealy mouthed
    Up…..the decent people of Belfast, including representatives of SF, DUP, UUP and SDLP who worked for their constituents in the flooding crisis (it was the most significant event on Wednesday)
    Up (I think) ……Mrs Windsor meeting Martin McGuinness and unveiling memorial to RAF Bomber Command the next day. I admire her ability to listen to small talk about colateral damage.
    Down…..Sinn Féin…..ultimately that Discrimination Case is of more significance than the handshake.
    Up….Irish Football Team. A Euro Final featuring the winners and runners up from the same “Group” doesnt make it look so bad.
    Down…..David Beckham, who thought he was a shoe-in for British Olympic team but isnt one of the best three players over 35

  • Drumlins Rock

    Up, Philip Edinburgh…. for the hop skip & jump
    Down, Wee Mickey D…. for making up numbers
    Up Portrush…. Seems to be pulling it off
    Down NIO…. for making a shambles on the hill
    Down and Out Ulster Bank….no comment needed
    Up and Down and Up and Down….. Queen Eiru
    Down Cyprus…. Unless Russia buys them out

  • wild turkey

    Up: Elizabeth Windsor. she shook a hand

    A variety of sources allege that McGuinness was Chief of Staff of the IRA, its military commander, on August 27th, 1979, when Mountbatten’s holiday boat was blown to pieces off the Co. Sligo coast by a remote controlled bomb. It has been alleged that McGuiness gave the order for the operation to go ahead. Fair enough, that’s how all armies work. If these allegations have any truth however, then the supreme general of the IRA on August 27th, 1979 was Martin McGuinness. Without McGuiness’s command decision, Mountbatten would probably have seen 28 August 1979…. and a few more days after that.

    Down: Martin. He could have said “sorry about Louis”. He probably did not. and probably he is not.

    UP: Conor Murphy. Employment Tribunals, Public Appointment Commissioners, Minister of the crown? like f$!k. The peace is won. The struggle persists. Right Connor?

    Down: NI Consumers Council. Great huffing puffing and enhanced press profile for the CEO. Um,but no detailed advice and guidance on what rights and options consumers have in the current Ulster Bank debacle. Don’t use really? thanks for the advice.

  • Mister_Joe

    Looking down but not quite out (maybe next week) – Sean Quinn and certain family members.

  • galloglaigh

    Up The… Whatever!

  • BluesJazz

    “It has been alleged that McGuiness gave the order for the operation to go ahead. Fair enough, that’s how all armies work”
    Except it wasn’t an ‘army’ any more than Al Queda. Or RIRA.
    A fifteen year old local was also murdered in that ‘operation’ wild turkey. I’m sure his mother, like you, would think ‘fair enough’.
    Do you think the murder of Joanne Mathers was ‘fair enough’? She was a prod I suppose and in your book….

  • “Down NIO…. for making a shambles on the hill”

    DR, the Folks on the Hill can’t even maintain the status quo – it’s been down, down, deeper and down.

  • Mick Fealty

    Look guys, If every time someone remembers MMcG we get a full rendition of his past we’ll get nowhere. subject is who’s up; who’s down.

  • Rory Carr

    UP – Pearse Doherty despite every effort to put him down and keep him down with much cheerleading of that failed venture from some on this very site.

    UP – Mario Ballotelli. And his mama too I should”t wonder.

    UP – Martin McGuinness Despite attempts by mean-spirited commentators to interpret Prince Philip’s speedy attempt to maintain protocol and catch up with the Queen as a snub to McGuinness’s kindly attempt to engage a man seemingly lost.

    UP – The Sick and the Poor in the US as a result of a Supreme Court decision.

    DOWN – Health Insurance companies in the US and their political henchmen ditto.

    UP – US Supreme Court for a most unexpected display of independence when it mattered most to all the little guys who won as a result and all the big fat guys who did not.

    DOWN – US Attorney-General, not for gun-running to Mexican drug cartels, or even for being caught out running guns to Mexican drug cartels, but for being economical with the old actualité.

    DOWN – UK Chancellor, George Osborne for yet another U-turn but mostly for putting an out-of-her-depth junior in to bat against Paxman rather than face the man himself. [Text removed – appropriate perhaps, just not here – Mods] is the soubriquet that springs most readily to mind.

  • Mick Fealty

    Only disagree with two things… the use of that soubriquet on this site, and your first…

  • Rory Carr

    Only the two about which I momentarily feel most strong, but I suppose, on reflection, that the Osborne soubriquet did have to go.

    Mores the pity.

  • Rory Carr

    …or better yet, “more’s the pity.”

  • Drumlins Rock

    What about the biggie of them all

    The Euro …. Up or Down ?

  • tyrone_taggart

    Down: Alasdair McDonnell

    As Oscar Wilde put it “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

    NB: I did a Google search “leader of the sdlp” as I actually forgot his name.

  • lamhdearg2

    Down, where up.

  • wild turkey


    i think you may have misread/misconstrued my comments. my specific remark about ‘armies’ was made with tongue firmly in cheek. and it was also made in the context of giving the thumbs to Elizabeth Windsor.

    murder is murder is murder and i do not, and have not, glory in any of it.

    “in your book”…hmm

    listen, i say this with all humility and respect. as an orthodox christain ‘my book’, first and foremost, is the bible. i do not claim to understand it, i do not proselytize it, i don’t even preach it. and my practice of the fundamental teachings of the new testament often falls way short of the mark.

    “If every time someone remembers MMcG we get a full rendition of his past we’ll get nowhere.”

    Fair enough Mick, you’re correct and i accept your point


  • UP: Sam McBride for this report and for this description of media censorship:

    But normally members of the media, accredited days in advance, are cleared to be within much closer proximity to the Royals.

    The fact yesterday that only a single, hand-picked journalist was allowed to witness an event which, symbolically at least, is so important points to a certain nervousness.

  • tuatha

    Up – Angela Merkel for swallowing the phantasy land decision to use non existent funds to pay for non existent debts to non existent entities. (anyone who thinks there are truly billions of euros owed by someone to something somewhere is welcome to send out a search party, as long as it does not look in any political swamp.)
    Down – Angela Merkel for maintaining such a hard line that real people should have to be ground into dust for a bureaucratic ballsup.
    Betty Windsor? Neither here nor there but BoneHead seems to be bearing up, with his 90yr old bladder busting for a pee, for an agonising 4 hours on a damp barge for the damp squib Jubilation.
    UP – the astonishing summer weather in Tir Connail whilst the rest of these off shore islands AND the Continent were pluvial.

  • Rory Carr

    Why, I wonder do some anti-monarchists, like Tuatha above, feel the need to revert to silly name calling when referring to any member of royalty – “Betty Windsor” for Queen Elizabeth and “Bonehead” for Prince Philip in his case?

    Since these individuals have titles and it is the titles to which anti-monarchists (including myself) take issue, are we not appearing to walk fearfully of these titles when we refuse to use them reverting instead to silly, vulgar nicknames in an attempt to downgrade their significance?

    If they were indeed so insignificant where would be the point in wasting so much energy in taking issue with them? Republicans ought not have difficulty with “Betty Windsor”, but Queen Elizabeth II presents a formidable challenge and we downgrade our own opposition to monarchy when we play such juvenile games.

    I always use the correct title in such instances. If Her Majesty were indeed only “Betty Windsor” then anti-monarchism would have no target for its disapproval. But Queen she is and queen remains until deposed by her English subjects and a republic established.

    Until that happy time let us at least employ the formalities.

  • michael-mcivor

    Up Down after their dramatic win over monaghan-

    Up the Irish for having a good week of handshakes and golf-

    Up The Irish fans who have been named the best fans in the Euro 2012 cup-

  • Mick Fealty

    Down match…

    UP Donegal for getting themselves out of a very tight jail indeed in the shape of Mickey Hart’s Tyrone (missed the second half)… (looking forward for an epic final against Down)..

    What’s the issue with the title Rory? It is what she is called constitutionally. And no amount of worry or pangs of conscience is going to change that.

    Indeed, it is not something most Irish Republicans really aim to change, is it?

  • keano10

    Up : Graeme McDowell : For showing most of the people here on Slugger what this whole peace process is all about by making a bee-line for Martin McGuinness at Royal Portrush and warmly shaking his hand and slapping him on the back as he went past.

    Such small actions say a million times more than the paranoid rubbish which is blogged on here most says.

    Down : There are none after the above…

  • Mick Fealty

    Dis you see the first item Keano?