Northern FAI fans turn up in Kracow (450kms from Poznan) to chant abuse at England team

This is the footage from Poland of Ireland fans chatting “England’s going home…’ that features in a News Letter piece today asking why when Northern Ireland or Ranger’s fans go off the piste it is never given a ‘bye ball’ by the media at large in the way this story appears to have been…

It also mentions this bizarre little episode:

It’s hard to be definitive but the accent that most predominates of those who went to the considerable trouble (nearly 450kms from Ireland’s first match in Poznan) of heckling the English team as they arrived at their hotel in Kracow were quite clearly northern fans of the FAI team.

The chants of “you’ll never beat Irish” seem to have had very little to do with football and more to do with the rather parochial (from an Irish point of view) concerns of a small proportion of the Irish fans.

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