Trolling: A view from Stephen Fry…

I think generally we do okay for community standards on Slugger… For the most part, people at least make the effort to engage across opinion groups… Stephen Fry in this short rant against ‘Trolls’ exaggerates their effect on internet based debate… but he does also get some things quite right…

  • claudius

    Its also worth having a look at this

    Sometimes trolls aren’t aware that they are trolling

  • glenda lough

    This, of course, is insulting to gay men of a certain age for whom ‘trolling’ means ‘walking’ or, perhaps more accurately, ‘walking with intent to break the law (as it was)’.

  • Claudius – that’s a brilliant article in the Guardian. “Know your enemy” extended into “Meet your enemy”. Real people often so much less vicious than their online presence. Saying hello to someone has only backfired on me once … but in case there’s a second chance I’ll not embarrass the gentleman!

  • Brian

    Yes Mr Fry, who the heck comments on blog posts or websites? What anti-social, maladjusted, bitter, hate filled hack would spend his time doing that?

    I’m glad I don’t know anyone who does that.

  • Neville Bagnall

    Bit of a generalisation on Mr. Fry’s part perhaps. But I think we’d all recognise the behaviour he’s talking about.

    One reason I prefer Slugger to some other fora I could mention.

    I think some misunderstandings are probably inevitable at some point along the way. A risk that increases if you can only participate fitfully.

    For me, avoiding anonymity helps. In effect anything I write has to be considered as if I stood up in the middle of my workplace with a megaphone.

    On the other hand: