Brian McLaughlin: ‘Heineken Cup Final’ swan song

Brian McLaughlin has called it the pinnacle of his career; but whether its triumph or tragedy tomorrow, the occassion will carry a palpable sentiment of bitter sweet for Brian McLaughlin, who whilst putting Ulster on the map, has been ousted from his coveted position of Ulster coach.

Your captions and comments are welcomed.

  • Pete Baker

    “Your captions and comments are welcomed”

    Well, I’d suggest that you should have read Michael’s post before attempting your cartoon version.

    Despite plaudits for his recruitment, Humphreys has got flak in the media for his ruthless approach towards Ulster coach, Brian McLaughlin and this provides a fascinating sub-plot to the final. McLaughlin will be replaced next season by relatively unknown New Zealander, Mark Anscombe who was announced as the person who will “take Ulster to the next level”.

    It seems difficult to take a team to the next level when you have reached a Heineken Cup final… but wind the clock back to last October and there were some pretty dire performances from an Ulster team who have a good first XV, but when that isn’t on the field, the rest of the squad doesn’t have the same experience or quality.

    Getting to the next level and competing consistently at the top level will require a higher level of performance from the entire squad and that will be Anscombe’s challenge.

  • RyanAdams

    I’m coming round to the view that Brian in the academey isn’t such a bad idea … especially if the IRFU are prepared to insist on their new foreign player rules … which IMO are going to, whether specifically designed to or not, hurt Ulster more than the other two provinces.

  • Dec

    ‘Well, I’d suggest that you should have read Michael’s post before attempting your cartoon version.’

    Which I’m afraid, doesn’t stand up to scutiny. McLaughlin’s been in the post for less than 3 years and has brought Ulster to the brink of a European Cup. Michael referenced ‘dire performances in October’ yet McLaughlin was told his contract wouldn’t be renewed in February by which time the team had greatly improved, including a 41-7 victory over Leicester in mid-January.

  • Greenflag

    McLaughlin should have been a bankster . Could have lost every game and would have ended up with a salary increase and bonus for doing badly .Que Sera .

    Ulster reaching the end of the road anyway .Should be a comfortable Leinster win thus giving Ulster’s new management a ‘new level’ to attain whatever that means .

    Of course if by some miracle were Ulster to win then Mr Anscombe is on a bit of sticky wicket to do better next year ?

  • Mystery surrounds dioxin attack on Brian McLaughlin, chief suspect is Brian Spencer and his poisoned inks.

  • Greenflag

    Great kick by Pienaar -Ulster still in with a slim chance -great game so far .