Martina Anderson to take over from Bairbre de Brun as MEP?

Looks like the one big prize in Northern Ireland for Sinn Fein is going to Martina Anderson who will succeed Bairbre de Brun as sitting MEP. Others mentioned in dispatches include Catriona Ruane, whom some commentators felt would have been out of her depth in Brussels and Strasbourg.

A competent and safe pair of hands [“except when it comes to non existent sectarianism, apparently, in Golf Clubs” – Ed], Ms Anderson leaves a gap in her native Derry for a new pair of hands to take over… But, as she also notes: “while the MEP represents all of the people of the Six Cos., I will continue to promote Derry.”

  • Nordie Northsider

    So who will slug it out with the SDLP by the banks of the Foyle now?

  • OneNI

    ‘the one big prize’ shome mistake surely?

    Will Martina be any less out of her depth than Catriona?

    Does it matter? SF have no influence in Europe – only slightly more than DUP

  • Does it matter who SF sends? As the farming lobby is an important aspect to MEP ‘work’ looking forward to the pics of her in wellies. Her agricultural outreach would need to be better than her efforts with Unionists.

  • seamus60

    Hope she does`nt invite any of those other MEPs over to Derry . How embarrassing, should they travel from Belfast by train. Considering her Stand up for Derry episode and one of her demands being the upgrade of the same. Bet she`d be sorry then that she voted against it.
    Not a lotta people know that. lol

  • seamus60

    Think the first thing she should tackle is the serious division caused in the community by the sectarian attitudes within the sport of Golf.

  • iluvni

    Are there no rules about terrorists becoming MEPs?

  • sdelaneys

    iluvini “Are there no rules about terrorists becoming MEPs?”
    Apart from it not being mandatory there are no rules and current MEPs include people convicted on corruption charges as well as incitement to hatred amongst others.

  • son of sam

    In some ways,it is really irrelevant who succeeds Martina Anderson in Foyle.It is sadly a fact of life that the Derry Journal will give its usual uncritical support to whatever Sinn Fein incumbent arrives.It was a bad week when only 2 photographs of Martina appeared in the Journal.Where two or three were gathered together,there was the good lady in their midst!The irony is that in one of the few places where the S D L P is electorally dominant,the main local “nationalist” paper consistently gives extensive coverage to the latest S F press release or I R A commemoration[along with copious photos] while surprise surprise, any S D L P coverage is more often than not given a lesser prominence.The idea of a “broad church” representing all political views equally,seems to be foreign to the editorial staff who apparently are content to be used as a willing conduit for whatever Sinn Fein wish to have printed.

  • antamadan

    I’m not from Derry/LD. I’m interested to know if anyone can confirm Son of Sam’s claim that the Derry Journal obviously supports SF despite SDLPthe latter continually winning Westminster elections.

    My limited evaluation of Martina A. is sympathetic. She came pretty well out of a TG4 documentary some time ago.
    (Jeez, I nearly clicked this as ‘Offensive’ instead of ‘Submit Comment’ Turgon are you pulling strings again?)

  • seamus60

    Son of Sam is on the bullseye.
    With out straying too far off topic. Went to the candle lit vigil for Marian Price on sunday. Sure enough to every ones surprise Martina arrived with Derry Journal photographer in tow. Took a photo turned and walked away. Cheeky so and so.Mc Guiness also drove past but preferred to keep his head down. Thats the way he behaves in Derry most of the time. Can`t finish without acknowledging that Pat Ramsey was in attendance and even with atrocious weather stayed till the end.

  • redhugh78

    Seamus 60, what utter drivel.

    Good of the SDLP to start showing concern and speaking up against injustice directed at Republicans, even if they are forty years too late.

  • bacach

    I can’t agree with Son of Sam’s analysis of the Journal. In fact I wonder if we are reading the same Derry Journal at all.

  • Barnshee

    “reading “the Derry Journal at all.

    Some mistake surely– one “takes” the Times Telegraph etc one “reads” books— “read” the Derry Journal –hardly

  • “while the MEP represents all of the people of the Six Cos., I will continue to promote Derry”

    Some folks have been giving the Journal a bit of stick, even more or less even claiming it has been doing PR for Martina and SF. Perhaps SF and the DUP see the value of providing PR material to the media; voter recognition may well translate into votes at election time.

    Had it not been for the Journal I wouldn’t have known this is, er, Community Relations Week and that . Perhaps Martina should have applied for a role in NICRC instead.

  • Drumlins Rock

    So who is here likely replacement in Foyle?

    and although the proverbial donkey with a Sinn Fein rossette on its ass would get elected, is Martina a vote winner or loser compared to Bairbre?

  • RyanAdams


    Bairbre has already lost a few votes in 2009, albeit a fairly small percentage going from 26.3 to 26 in comparison to 2004. Bairbre got a lot of support from West Belfast obviously as shes from the area. Whether or not Martina gets the same from the Belfast area is another matter.

  • seamus60

    Redhugh. You can`t change reality, like that of Pat Ramsey sharing a platform with Fr Murray a few weeks back in protest at the Internment of Marian. Why are SF not so eager to take to the stage with Fr Murray. Is it not the same Internment as that before they got into office. In relation to Pat Ramsey, credit where its due.

  • keano10

    Ryan Adams

    I’m struggling with your opinion that voters in West Belfast might possibly decide not to vote for a relatively high-profile SF Candidate such as Martina Anderson?

    Usually the Shinners can get their vote out right across the board for European Elections and it usually matters little where the candidate eminates from. Bairbre was hardly the most charismatic of characters but she did succeed in attracting votes from all parts of The North.

  • seamus60

    Bacach. Try getting a letter into their letters colum with anything near redicule of SF`s change in attitude towards the treatment of republicans etc. Let me know how you get on. As a republican I also recognise , role reverse can`t be that easy for some after a habit of 40 years.

  • Dixie Elliott

    I remember Bairbe De Bruin, with a fanfair of shinner trumpets, heading off to Europe then she disappeared….

    All the while Martina was standing up for Derry…Or should that read stood Derry up?…

    West Belfast and Foyle among worst constituencies in UK for unemployment

    16 November 2011

    West Belfast and Foyle in Northern Ireland rank at numbers three and four in a league table of UK constituencies worst affected by unemployment, according to new research.

    Only two other areas, both in Birmingham, were considered worse off. [….]

  • Dixie Elliott

    Aye her likes will never be seen here again…

    Until the next election, that is.

  • seamus60

    Maybe that photo shoot at the internment protest on Sunday was the beginning of her canvassing. Real brass neck considering Martin took to the podium only 250 yards away shortly afterwards at the commeration for Vol John Starrs.Martin may have been too embarrassed to stop at the internment vigil in the knowledge he would later be photographed by the Derry Journal in the company of a certain JP Mc Veigh, who came to fame recently on the front page of the same paper aledging that his car had been vandalised because of his community work.. The community work he failed to mention was that of painting out slogans concerning the plight of republican prisoners. He didn`t hide when photographed doing it either with the same, there for all to view on face book. The tail of the story being JP got a nice promotion that has now elevated him to a position of sharing photos with martin at events rather than with his old beat out banger.