David Cameron: look who’s LOLing now

From Friday’s revelations at the Leveson inquiry it would appear that the ex-News International boss Rebekah Brooks’ contact with David Cameron included providing lessons on the vernacular of the laity; and in this instance instructing Cameron on the ways of contemporary texting acronyms.

Anyway here is my cartoon encapsulating the revelation.

  • lamhdearg2


  • Steve Hilton points out that DC has been inadvertently claiming membership of LOL 10 and formally invited to a field in Cullybackey for the Twelth.

  • lover not a fighter

    You have to admire that, even now the Murdock Gang have got the goverment on the end of their piece of string .

  • I always knew the Homepride Men, with their graded grains make finer flour, were Orangemen but what’s he doing in a cartoon without his bowler hat?