The Gerrynomist


In January 2011 Gerry Adam’s prompted commentators and political opponents to label the president of Sinn Fein as an inerudite and economically illiterate yokel after he made a catalogue of on air blunders: including claiming responsibility for implementing ‘warm weather payments’; pledging to burn the bondholders and vowing to renegotiate with the bond markets; as well as awkwardly finding himself caught in the headlights of not so intense media questioning which lifted the lid on a man unaware of the rate of child benefit in the ROI which was only compounded when Adam’s admitted that he was unaware of the southern rate of VAT.

At the end of April 2012 Gerry Adam’s economic credentials once again came under intense scrutiny after it was revealed that Sinn Fein literature advocating a No vote on the Fiscal compact contained a number of serious misrepresentations in the form of doctored citations of economists.

Then only this week Mr. Adams already battered economic credentials took another direct hit after his suggestions that the Republic’s deficit had doubled under the FG/Labour coalition were rubbished by the Minister for European Affairs Lucinda Creighton as fantasy figures plucked from the sky.

The Minister for European Affairs then added that a Yes vote will provide the Republic of Ireland with sound economic policies well into the future; whereas, the Sinn Fein alternative, a No vote, is Gerrynomics – fantasy economics.

These were certainly an interesting series of events which inspired the cartoon above. Your captions are encouraged and welcomed!

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