“How can they pronounce in moral judgment on such issues as child-abuse?”

Ed Curran makes a few pertinent remarks on recent events…

However, as Rupert Murdoch and Cardinal Brady have found to their cost in the past week, openness and transparency are essential requirements of public life today.

Compared to MPs at Westminster, who cheated on their expenses, or ministers in the Irish government, who accepted bungs from corrupt businessmen, those at Stormont who keep their past from public scrutiny belong to a special league.

How, it may well be asked, can they demand transparency and openness in public office if they fail to practice it themselves?

How can they pronounce in moral judgment on such issues as child-abuse in the Catholic Church – as Martin McGuinness did last week – if they refuse to reveal the secrets of their own past activities?

  • sherdy

    Perhaps Marty could give the same answer as the cardinal – that he was obeying a higher authority.

  • Drumlins Rock

    you mean there was someone higher than Marty who called the shots?

  • Careful, you’ll have John O’Dowd on your case.

  • Terry B

    Drumlins Rock (profile) 10 May 2012 at 6:56 pm
    you mean there was someone higher than Marty who called the shots?

    Michael Oatley.

  • tacapall

    Who said honesty and integrity was a prerequisite for being a politician, politics is an end to a means and moral standards are fluid, depending on the agenda.

  • St Thomas Aquinas held that God was able to work through evil people and deeds in order to accomplish good ends.

    The Apostolic Authority of the priesthood, according to the Catholic Church, functions fully even when the one possessing that authority is in a state of mortal sin, ie he can carry on preaching, baptising, absolving etc,.

    I’m sure the Green Book has similar get out clauses, the Bible certainly has.

  • babyface finlayson

    If only those who are without sin can question the great and the good, then we never get answers.
    If Martin McGuinness asks a pertinent question of Cardinal Brady then it ought to be answered without deflection.
    If Martin in his turn is asked pertinent questions, say by the Smithwick tribunal then he in his turn should be expected to answer.

  • seamus60

    Nothing is above the peace process and those who delivered it. Stop with all this deflection away from the god loving priests.
    Anyway Gerry done his duty by reporting the matter to the authorities, the ones who failed to act.

  • More confusion:

    The well-placed sources said that at an executive meeting, Mr McGuinness asked asked the justice minister David Ford to formally ask the PSNI about the possibility of prosecution, given the 1967 Act which makes it an offence not to report a crime.

    But Sinn Fein said Mr McGuinness did not mention the cardinal but asked Mr Ford to ensure the PSNI cooperated with if there was to be a cross-border inquiry, as called for by Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin.