Robocop, Monkeyman & Boris V Streaker Sammy, Mr Leapfrog & Niall, decision time?

One thing Belfast has not lacked is Mayors with “character”, often it has been too much that has been the problem, the images over the years in peoples mind are usually quite different from the official portraits on the walls, and with the tendancy to use the position as a booster toward a seat in the House on the Hill rather than directing the show in the Dome of Delight, the position maybe isn’t what it used to be.

Tomorrow Birmingham, Bristol, Bradford and 7 other cities will vote in a referendum on having a directly elected mayor, joining a growing list first started by London, although some are regretting the move the general flow seems to favour the system.  In Northern Ireland often we are a place apart but setting aside the special circumstances for a bit should Belfast also go with this trend?  with the current balance of power it might not be the open and shut tribal vote we could expect!

The chances of it happening are slim I know, but speculation is fun!  here is the relevant Wikipedia page on those English Mayors.

In the words of Harry Hill, Directly Elected Mayor V Council Mayor?  there is only one way to decide ….  FIGHT !