Did Murdoch help lose election for a Tory only government?

Well, maybe not. But Mike Smithson puts together some external reasons that the Murdoch endorsement may have brought more trouble than luck to Cameron’s door:

By September/October 2009, the time of the Sun’s endorsement, the blues were in the 40s with a solid 17% lead and looked all set to be returned with a comfortable majority.

On election day the Tories secured 37% of the GB vote with Labour 7.3% behind, and crucially 19 seats short of an overall majority. So in the eight months that followed the Sun move the Tory lead dropped ten points.

That had been the summer the House of Commons had taken their first pass over #hackgate… Already the brand was losing a lot if its gloss… And some sections of the press were losing some of their inhibitions over investigating each other…

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