#HouseholdCharge: 50% payment rate and rising?

Ah. One of today’s big stories in the Republic is one with an interesting Twist. It relates to the household charge: Landlord pays €19,000 (in one registration). Whereas going into the last week we were being given payment levels (because it literally was the calm before a last minute storm, now we’re only being given the registration figures only as they desperately count out the massive backlog…

According to the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA), 886,000 householders had registered for the household charges by the close of business yesterday. The point of the story is to manage expectations upwards somewhat from on the face of it might otherwise look like a 50% payment rate.. Our hunch is that it’s going to fall a significant way short of the national revolution some were canvassing for, but anything above a final figure of 75% may just be bareable.

  • Im not so sure.
    There is a connexion to the Rent and Rates Strike related to Internment in 1971……and the outcome wil likely be forced payments thru reducing benefits.
    There are probably two distinct groups within the “non payers”……people who never pay anything (taxes, fines, TV Licences) and the campaign gives them a fig leaf for something they would be doing anyway and empowers them with more numbers and a “cause”.
    The second group is the newly criminalised……..people doing this kinda thing for the first time in their lives.
    To some of these people E100 means a lot and as the publicity builds up……ie the Minister in dispute over E4,000 management fees for his home in Porugal then I think anger will keep the campaign going.
    Certainly applauding the “patriotism” of people making the payment was a catastrophic mistake.
    “Final” figure……..well there are effectively two “final” figures the “final” figure NOW……as the deadline has passed and the “final” figure” down the line.
    I dont think 75% is anything like enough…….if 25% are unable/unwilling to pay, it is a massive blow.
    The Republic is not living in isolation. There is a spark out there in Greece…….the pensioner actually killing himself in front of the Greek Parliament was probably a sign. Im not suggesting mass suicides all over Europe……but there is an anger………..and IrelandAND Britain are not immune. Fairness is increasingly an issue.

  • tuatha

    To paraphrase, “No representation without taxation!”.
    Similarly, “No household charge without something resembling half decent local services …” Oh look, porcus aviatrix.
    As the history of rent strikes and evictions shows, the Establishment will never have the slightest difficulty hiring sufficient of the working class to oppress the rest as ordered.
    Time to read some Jack London? Try “The Iron Heel” or People of the Abyss” – over a century old but could have been written .. tomorrow.

  • aquifer

    Schools Hospitals and the Dole gotta be paid for.

    So tax stupid stuff like McMansions in the middle of nowhere.