#HouseholdCharge: 50% payment rate and rising?

Ah. One of today’s big stories in the Republic is one with an interesting Twist. It relates to the household charge: Landlord pays €19,000 (in one registration). Whereas going into the last week we were being given payment levels (because it literally was the calm before a last minute storm, now we’re only being given the registration figures only as they desperately count out the massive backlog…

According to the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA), 886,000 householders had registered for the household charges by the close of business yesterday. The point of the story is to manage expectations upwards somewhat from on the face of it might otherwise look like a 50% payment rate.. Our hunch is that it’s going to fall a significant way short of the national revolution some were canvassing for, but anything above a final figure of 75% may just be bareable.

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