“pawns in a Government-organised blame-game”

Considering taking the government’s advice on stock-piling fuel? Consider this:

“This is our Thatcher moment. In order to defeat the coming miners’ strike, she stockpiled coal. When the strike came, she weathered it, and the Labour Party, tarred by the strike, was humiliated. In order to defeat the coming fuel drivers’ strike, we want supplies of petrol stockpiled. Then, if the strike comes, we will weather it, and Labour, in hock to the Unite union, will be blamed.”

Tory Charles Moore, to his credit, has shared a memo that reveals nothing less than:

a)     The Conservative’s Party hierarchy’s naked contempt for the general public

b)     A PR strategy designed to ferment chaos

If Charles Moore is getting angry with the current government’s cynicism, incompetence and breathtaking irresponsibility then the coalition should be very worried indeed at how the broader public will react.

Isn’t the most point of basic point of government to prevent chaos and disorder?


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