I Hereby Invoke …

Most of us regular contributors are well aware of “Godwin’s Law”,  which states

“As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.”  therefore invoking Godwin’s Law has become the standard method of countering reductio ad hitlerum, with the argument being lost by default.  Such has been its success recent invocations have been extremely rare.

Unfortunately, in this opening year of centenaries, another horrific event in our history has become overused in political and social analogy, I am of course referring to the sinking of the RMS Titanic.  Already used for many years as an apt discription of coming disaster, the excessive use by media outlets, online blogs or in private conversation has cheapened the tragic events as well as sidelining the issues discussed, you could say it has become reductio ad titanicum.

Therefore I propose to introduce my own law, similar in nature to Mr. Godwin’s, but being a modest chap I will give the naming honour to someone more worthy, therefore from now on, if the Titanic is mentioned in a thread not directly relating to the sinking or commerations we should invoke …

“Winslet’s Law” and thereby eradicate this virus from our midst.

PS.  Ms Winslett or any other bearing that name have not been involved, consulted or endorse in any manner this issue.

PPS. the fact the UUP is often the butt of these analogies has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

  • Blue Hammer


  • Carsons Cat

    We could also have a rule against mis-spelling *Godwin’s*

    # oops, corrected now, our Neighbours were Goodwins, or gu-dins as it was pronounced # DR

  • between the bridges

    if the Titanic is mentioned in a thread not directly relating to the sinking or commerations we should invoke …

  • can we have a ruling on the phrase “rearranging deckchairs”?

    # definately would include it # DR

  • wild turkey


    If the Titanic Centre goes belly-up in a few years time, will Winslets be invoked?
    by the by, for the wider media, consideration should also be given to the “Gate”. ie any political fuck-up, alleged scandal inevitably has the word “Gate” appended.

    Master FJH “rearranging deckchairs” that reminds me, whatever happened to Paul Priestly? Totally off thread i know but does anyone know?

  • Zig70

    Well I think it should bring in lots of dough my kids are fascinated by Titanic. Might hurt W5 a lot as a posh day out.

  • cynic2

    Have you chosen the Winslet name because this week contained National Cleavage Day?

  • cynic2

    “a posh day out”

    Dear Lord. If a trip down the Odyssey (another sinking ship) is a ‘posh’ day out where do you take them on a normal day? Ormeau Park with a pitbuill and a 6 pack of WKD Blue or White Lightening?