All six Fianna Failers jump rather than wait for the push…

Michael Martin is no one’s idea of the classic strong man of the party’s tradition. Yet days before the party meets to expel those party members named in Mahon; they’re all gone. Is he being underestimated?

  • London_Irish

    I’m sure Micheál would have liked the chance to point the finger and give his best Alan Sugar to a few of them. But take what you’re given, he will be grateful that in a time of crisis, these lads have walked away and now a bit of a line can be drawn underneath it all. Oh how the UUP envy the Soldiers of Destiny right now…

  • Greenflag

    @ London Irish,

    ‘ and now a bit of a line can be drawn underneath it all. ‘

    A bit in the sense of an iota perhaps . This is Ireland . People and voters have long memories . Forgive in time perhaps but forget ? Not in the DNA I’m afraid and it gets worse as one travels north from Kerry to the Giants Causeway reaching it’s island maximum circa Ballymena .

    50 years ago thy’d have got away with it =twenty years ago they got away with it and up to 5 years ago it was still possible to pull the wool , act the cute hoor and come out top of the poll .

    Bertie has alas now to travel to ever further shores where the gory details have not been much publicised . He has’nt yet high tailed it to Burkina Faso ( 100th least corrupt ) (the Incorruptible Republic of note in West Africa ) but has instead been spotted in nearby Nigeria (143 rd least corrupt nation on the planet ) being paid large amounts of dosh for speaking to folks whom one would have thought a few years ago could have taught Bertie the book/ operating manual in the ‘How to’s’ etc of public sector corruption.

    Next up – David Cameroon explaining how even if you give the Tory’s 7 million pounds in donations you won’t have any influence on how the party’s policies are decided . he must think the average Brit believes that Cinderella’s coach turned into a pumpkin at midnight and that the three bears actually did eat porridge every morning for breakfast ?

    The late Frank Carson would of course have said ‘it’s the way I tell them ‘

    Dave Cameron I’m sure has his talents but he’s no Frank Carson well not yet anyway 🙂