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So the Mahon Tribunal has been published (fast download copy here). It’s a short form account of a lot of news that’s already been in the public domain (it has a 70 page summary)…

In effect it states pretty clearly that they do not believe Bertie Ahern’s several stories about inconsistency in his account for monies spent.

This blog will be updated throughout the day…

From RTE:

It says Mr Ahern failed to truthfully account for a total of IR£165,214.25 passing through accounts connected with him.
It also finds that in relation to the B/T account, known as the Bertie/Tim account by bank staff in the Permanent TSB, Mr Ahern and his associate Mr Tim Collins failed to truthfully account for IR£50,000 lodged into this account between 1992-94.

You can get some of the detail from the live blog here

The Tribunal was “not provided with a truthful account as to the source of the said lodgement of IR£22,500 to Mr Ahern’s bank account on 30 December 1993”. The Tribunal was unable to determine original source of his money.

The tribunal REJECTS Ahern’s evidence that he accumulated approx IRL£54,000 in cash savings between 1987-1993.

On RTE Leader’s Questions: “I would not put any weight on the fact that the report does not find Mr Ahern corrupt…” – Sen Thomas Byrne. And he adds, “It’s very difficult to see how” [Bertie Ahern can remain in the Fianna Fail Party].

– Some push back on the waterfall of evidence (some of it coming with highly conditional caveats), personal friend of Ahern’s says that because something is bizarre, does not mean it is wrong…

– On RTE: Stephen O’Brien (Sunday Times) says that ministerial criticism is echoed by Justice Hardiman of the Supreme Court, in that accusations are raised in 1997 that cannot be dealt with until 2012…

– Sam Smith: What’s the difference between saying you don’t believe a word someone says to you and perjury? I don’t know, but it may be something to do with intent.”

– From RTE Live Blog: A lodgement of IR£28,772.90 made by Ms Celia Larkin on 5 December 5 1994 into an AIB account on Upper O’Connell Street was not – as contended by Bertie Ahern – around Stg£30,000 in cash, given by Micheal Wall, but was in fact $45,000 dollars in cash.

– Colm Keena has a good round up of some of the pro and anti Bertie evidence…

– Johnny Fallon hints that Fianna Fail’s hands may be tied when it comes to dispatching Bertie… Ask him to resign rather than expel him…

– P Flynn back in 1999: “I never asked for or took money for favours from anyone in my life…”

– Gavan Reilly has a good piece on the position of the late Liam Lawlor…

– Ahern: conclusions are “based on procedures which were biased, unfair and unjust.”

  • HeinzGuderian

    Bertie Ahern received 209,779 euros in undisclosed payments while Irish PM but not guilty of corruption, tribunal finds

  • Mick Fealty

    Just added:

    On RTE Leader’s Questions: “I would not put any weight on the fact that the report does not find Mr Ahern corrupt…” – Sen Thomas Byrne. And he adds, “It’s very difficult to see how” [Bertie Ahern can remain in the Fianna Fail Party].

  • cynic2

    The cutest ‘hoor no more?

  • Greenflag

    Bertie should go to JAIL -directly to JAIL – NOT pass GO FREE NOT collect his Pension for his time as a Politician or as MInister .

    And the same fate should face any politician of any party or government mandarin /official who is found guilty of corruption while in public office . It might be no harm to have a mandatory death sentence or life imprisonment without parole for any politician found guilty of ‘financial ‘treason against the State.

  • Mick Fealty

    Internment without trial so?

  • Greenflag

    @Mick ,

    As I said above

    ‘who is found guilty of corruption while in public office ‘

    is a presumption that there would be a trial .

    The extent of political corruption in recent decades not just In the Republic but in the UK , USA and elsewhere is an outcome of the combination of Troika Rule

    ie. Bought politicians (All parties ) + Financial sector moguls / Multinational Corporate interests + Central Banks /IMF/ECB = Financial repression or apartheid for a large section of the population and a growing financial emisseration for what used to be called the ‘middle class’

  • Greenflag

    The cruder version of blank check Bertie , default , David McWilliams and Mark O’Byrne from about 15 minutes into the video..

  • Alias

    GF, where does Mahon say that Bertie Ahern was corrupt while in political office? If the Flood/Mahon Tribunal can’t find any evidence after 15 years of searching there isn’t likely to be any evidence found for a trial.

  • cynic2

    Bertie should go to JAIL?

    Preferably via a court so we can see him sell that story (or an even better one) to a jury.

    But then he so buggered up the country how could he ever get a fair trial;

  • Comrade Stalin

    Fianna Fáil have announced that they plan to expel Bertie Ahern from the party.


  • wee buns

    Wow is right – how they can possibly ever separate themselves from the stench of corruption despite this ‘head on’ action of expelling Bertie. Even Teflon has a life span.

  • Mick Fealty
  • Greenflag


    This tribunal has cost the Irish taxpayers almost a a quarter of a billion euros . Michael Martin is in damage limitation /party survival mode hence the ‘dramatic’ expulsion move. .The absence of evidence is clearly not evidence of absence in this bizarre long running ‘political reality show’.As for their not being a ‘trial’ ? probably not- but the political fall out from this mess may uncover ‘new evidence ‘ or those who previously were unheard from may decide to ‘talk’.

    Bertie Ahern has some decent political achievements under his belt particularly that of working effectively to help resolve the NI situation.

    Like a lot of western politicians over the past decade Bertie seemed to be totally unaware or uninterested in events in the wider financial sector which eventually took him and Mr Brown and Mr Bush and Mr Berlusconi to ‘premature ‘ closure of their political careers . And it looks like their ‘successors’ seem equally unwilling and /or powerless to take on the ‘international ‘ banksters . So sooner or later their political demise is also on the cards .

    Can’t see these ‘revelations’ or expulsions making any difference to FF’s decline and eventual termination . Not that it may not be resurrected with a new ‘brand ‘ name at some point . SF are now the only opposition in the Dail .