#Budget2012: Sammy Wilson’s reaction to the budget…

Sammy Wilson is on Hearts and Minds to night, but this was probably his most comprehensive take so far…

– Critical the establishment of ‘regional pay’ (for jobs that come under Whitehall rather than Stormont…)

– Positive on the Corporation Tax in that it cuts the margin of any liability that might fall on an regional rate…

– Makes the point that giving tax cuts to people who won’t spend it all, as opposed to giving it to lower earners who more than likely would…

– And nothing significant done to cut fuel tax

  • Submariner

    Mick I watched Sammy’s contribution in the house of commons after the budget speech yesterday and thought he was right on the money{no pun intended}. Oh dear I have agreed with a member of the DUP I must go and lie down in a darkened room.

  • sherdy

    Sammy is complaining about millionaire tories behaving as such. Sammy himself is sounding more like a socialist. Time to ‘come out’ Sammy?

  • Barnshee

    Message for sammy and co from London

    1 You have the block grant
    2 You get more out than you pay in
    3 You aint getting any more
    4 (Over) Pay you public sector workers whatever you want tho bear in mind 1 2 and 3 above
    5 If you want any more –raise it yourself (water charges property rates increase) oooh shit

    welcome to real world

  • andnowwhat


    Man alive, I get where you’re coming from. |I| cheered every word Sammy said on H&M but at the end felt frustrated by what is laughingly called politics in NI.

    Sammy has spoken like this before and yet if I lived in his constituancy, I just couldn’t vote for him. It’s not just that he is a unionist (I would still vote for him) but that he is so anti everything “Irish”.