Eurozone making international relations more party political?

Wolfgang Münchau with some disturbing news for dyed in the wool nationalists of all stripes. The sight of Angela Merkel for Sarkosy on French soil betokens, he suggests, that in Europe…

…bilateral relations have become more party political. The reason is that important policy decisions have shifted from the national to the eurozone level. Take the fiscal compact, recently signed by European Union leaders, most of whom are from the centre-right. The compact was Ms Merkel’s idea; Mr Sarkozy strongly supports it. But François Hollande, the French Socialist presidential candidate, says that, if elected, he will renegotiate it.

Germany’s Social Democrats last week came out in support of Mr Hollande and said they would seek to co-ordinate their policy stance with him. The German left has realised the fiscal compact is not so much a Franco-German project but a project of the right. Ms Merkel cannot ignore the SPD because she needs its votes for parliamentary ratification of the compact.