O’Snodaigh​’s Prints Dont Stack Up

Media reports estimate the huge number of toner cartridges SF’s Aengus O’Snodaigh took would be enough to print between 3 to 4 million pages.

If we take the lower figure of 3 million, divide by the pages per minute of a fast colour printer (20ppm) we get 150,000 minutes.

Divide this by 60 we get 2,500 hours.

Divide this by 8 (typical number of working hours per day) we get 312.5.

In other words to print the number of pages O’Snodaigh claims he did, it would take 312.5 days, with the printer working 8 hours non stop every day, 7 days a week!

This simply isnt credible, especially as paper trays would have to be refilled, jams cleared etc etc.

It’s time Deputy O’Snodaigh came clean about his cartridges.

IT Professional, gadget lover, PRO for Fianna Fail CDC in Co Wicklow & Former Irish Government Special Adviser. All views are my own!