O’Snodaigh​’s Prints Dont Stack Up

Media reports estimate the huge number of toner cartridges SF’s Aengus O’Snodaigh took would be enough to print between 3 to 4 million pages.

If we take the lower figure of 3 million, divide by the pages per minute of a fast colour printer (20ppm) we get 150,000 minutes.

Divide this by 60 we get 2,500 hours.

Divide this by 8 (typical number of working hours per day) we get 312.5.

In other words to print the number of pages O’Snodaigh claims he did, it would take 312.5 days, with the printer working 8 hours non stop every day, 7 days a week!

This simply isnt credible, especially as paper trays would have to be refilled, jams cleared etc etc.

It’s time Deputy O’Snodaigh came clean about his cartridges.

  • Fridgeitem

    Or it could have been pages containing a lot of imagery which would have used far more ink on far less pages

  • stringer

    Apart from the other weak assumptions here, considering he said he was printing leaflets, did you consider the possibility he was using more than one printer?

    Weakest attempt at innuendo I think I’ve ever seen…

  • sdelaneys

    I’m sure he wants to come clean but after using so much toner it will take him a good while to wash or launder himself before he can appear with clean hands.

  • ranger1640

    Will it be a forensic clean up, we wouldn’t want any finger prints.

  • ranger1640

    With all that alleged printing I wonder was there a bad smell and, no I don’t mean CS gas, coming from O’snodaigh printer???

  • Who said there was only one printer? As Stevie boy well knows TD get an allowance for running two offices with no limits on the number of printers specified. As we are on the subject of expenses, perhaps you would like to tell us all how much you charged the taxpayer for web hosting? A rounding to the nearest thousand yoyo will do.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Are we seriously being given lectures about misuse of public finances by a Fianna Fáil representative ?

  • Comrade Stalin

    Ulick, I’m wondering about how someone can be an IT professional and a SpAd at the same time. But that would be getting into man playing.

  • PaulT

    far play to him for his honesty, he’d get lynched on other sites for it.

    However, as an IT ‘geek’ and someone in the know about the workings of the Dail he is ideal for this story.

    I do have an issue with his theory, the printer he describes takes cartridges that cost about 15-20 quid, and they are good for 4-500 pages.

    I wonder about a few things about this story, does the Dail only use printers that take a particular cartridge, ie it only stocks one type of cartridge, as this is what the story implies esp desktop colour inkjets use a colour pack and a black cartridge, black being about 50% cheaper.

    I’m also struck by the fact he claims that he used so many cartridges because the larger parties ie FF hogged the Dail ‘industrial’ printers. Can the author tell us how much ink his party consumed using the in-house printers during those years?

    Alternatively is it possible to submit a FoI request to find out how many cartridges were consumed by the Dail for that period.

    TBH, only half the facts or less have yet been published and I for one am curious to hear the whole story.

    Anyway, hopefully you will become a regular here, Slugger lacks republican bloggers, perhaps you could pen a reply to Adam’s speech from earlier today

  • Mick Fealty


    What we lack is Unionist bloggers.


    That was to be expected from some quarter, but can we now play on and play te ball?

  • cynic2

    Why is there no Garda investigation into this?

  • sherdy

    Did he mistakenly think he was collecting some other type of cartridges?

  • PaulT

    Mick, it doesn’t lack anti-republican OPs, yet that comment distracts from your answer. A scan of the home page shows four anti-republican headlines and no anti-unionist headlines. So I guess, reading between the lines you are saying slugger needs more anti-republican posts.

    Indeed, I spot several bloggers on the homepage I would ‘label’ as unionist and not a single one I would call republican.

    Might I also say that slugger doesn’t lack posters from a unionist perspective, I would say outnumbering those of a republican view by say 4 to 1 so surely there is a fertile furrow to plough, I can only presume readers of a unionist bent don’t feel the need to contribute as you and your currant staff do an admiral job.

    I presume it’s around about now that you give me your usual salutation of “Troll” yet to keep it on topic I think it’s fair to say this OP is the nearest you’ve had to a visiting republican of note in a long time and bearing in mind it’s a FF PRO ……….it’s still a step forward

  • PaulT

    actually, no I apologise, just remembered that journo/writer kid from donegal a few weeks ago, the one who got mauled, that was almost decent until ……….

  • Intelligence Insider

    I can’t help but wonder if invoices for the toner cartridges were written in the same hand as those for the expenses for sinn fein’s M.P’s. I’m sure whoever wrote those hand written receipts for all those expensive televisions could do with some work now that Westminster has cracked down on expenses. P.S. Congratulations to Mick on his promotion to Admiral, didn’t even realise he was a Navy man.

  • ForkHandles

    Hes doing for ‘The Cause’ dont you know !! ??
    Obviously Cyan (blue) is out… But the question is, does he he know what colour combinations only make green white and orange? If he was caught by chuckie high command with toner that made red white and blue then surely he would be in trouble??

  • Politico68

    I cant believe the amount of time being wasted over a harmless case of cross-border ink smuggling. Its amazing how quickly things change, it is not along ago Sinn Fein had to defend themselves against media asaults re; violent this and corrupt that !! Please…..ink cartridges? Lets get real here.

  • @Intelligence Insider
    You really should do yourself a favour and inform yourself on a topic before commenting. There were no invoiced expenses from SF in this matter. The toner cartridges were purchased National Procurement Service (established by the late FF Deputy Brian Lenihan) and handed over to any TD that requested them.
    Perhaps Stephen Kearon as an ‘IT Professional’ and FF ‘Special Adviser’ would have some insight as to why the FF government of the time insisted on purchasing branded cartridges from thrid party suppliers at over five times the price of quite acceptable generic toners?

    @Mick Fealty
    Sorry Mick, I have a lot of respect for traditional Fianna Fáil people but the gombeen wing brings out the worst in me.

  • @PaulT
    “I wonder about a few things about this story, does the Dail only use printers that take a particular cartridge, ie it only stocks one type of cartridge”

    Printers will take a standard toner cartridge but the government of the time insisted Dáil only used branded cartridges from an ‘approved’ supplier. As an ‘IT Professional’ and ‘Former Irish Government Special Adviser’, I’m wondering did Stephen Kearon have any input to Government procurement policy for ICT products and services? As I remember Kearon was accused by Trinity economist Brian Lucey amongst others of running an ICT web hosting scam which cost the Irish taxpayer thousands of Euro, so one cannot escape the “poacher and gamekeeper” picture.

  • Pigeon Toes

    It’s hardly a “significant” amount ,

    Whats your problem??

  • cynic2

    Nice to see all the SF bloggers defending the indefensible

    The bottom line is that the explanations don’t hold water – so what were these cartridges really used for?

    We really cannot ignore a situation where PUBLIC FUNDS are illegally diverted to other purposes, so what was happening to these resources? What were they used for? Was it legal and if not will criminal charges follow?

  • @cynic2
    I think you are misinterpreting. No one is defending the excessive use of the toners. To be frank Aengus ‘ripped the arse out of it’. However, his explanation (which he was not obliged to give) is plausible and there is no evidence nor indeed any suggestion by the Mail or anyone else that he has acted illegally. I’m sorry but no amount of wishful thinking on your part is going to change that. Aengus was a bit silly but as the only SF TD in Dublin, shadowing 4 portfolios, at a time of defections, resignations and major reorganisation, no one in the movement is going to crucify him for not keeping tabs on his stationary.

  • George

    Why is there no Garda investigation into this?

    Because he hasn’t done anything illegal.

  • Alias

    “This simply isnt credible, especially as paper trays would have to be refilled, jams cleared etc etc.”

    Yup, plus you’d need 3 printers costing 10k each running full time. This would be a popular high-end business printer in Ireland, but even HP will tell you that it’s “Recommended monthly print volume [is] 15,000 to 50,000 pages” in contrast to the figure for the monthly duty cycle.

    Being generous and assuming the Shinner wasn’t printing his non-photogenic face on his junk mail or other images and just printed a modest amount of text, then he’d need 3 10k machines to get anywhere near the output he claims. If not, he’d need 9 10k machines.

    Has he produced the receipts for these machines to support his story?

    While he is at it, he might consider producing the receipts for the printer paper at the cheap Viking.ie price of €30.79excl. VAT per 2500 sheets. For 3 million sheets, that comes at the bargain price of €36,948 plus VAT.

    I don’t think we’ll need to ask him for the recepits for the replacement drums for the printers since the poor dear will have mortaged his house to pay for them.

  • 241934 john brennan

    It takes an industrial wage. It takes semtex and guns from Colonel Gadaffi. It takes a superannuation payment from the Northern Bank. It takes print cartridges from a government stationery store. Sinn Fein has taking ways. It can take in all of the people some of the time and It can take in some of the people all of the time – But all of the people pay all of the price all of the time

  • ranger1640

    I could not care less how many printer cartridges he gets from the Irish government, or how money they claim from the Irish government. The issue is for the Irish people and tax payer. If they think its acceptable to claim €50K in printer cartridges well that’s up to them.

    When they and others make a claim from the UK government then I will want answers. So fill your boots with Irish toner, if the voter in the Irish republic, is happy to vote for these alleged socialist’s and if the shinner wants to fill his swimming pool with Irish toner, go swim. Simples!!!

    Mr O Snodaigh sent a cheque for €3,286.07 yesterday to the Oireachtas Commission to pay a bill dating back two years for exceeding the printer cartridge limits. He has refused to repay the €50,000 which was the cost of the print cartridges he claimed in 2007-2008.

    Although he has admitted that it was “excessive”, he took these cartridges before the limits were introduced.

    He has also insisted that the 434 printer toner cartridges used in this period — enough to print 3.4m colour pages — all went on producing leaflets for his own Dublin South Central constituency.


  • babyface finlayson

    Maybe I’m preaching to the quire here, but it would be helpful to know how this compares to the usage by other TDs.
    I couldn’t see that info in the original article. Anyone know?

  • AnAverageGael

    There should be an independent inquiry. All those pages, pftt.

  • cynic2


    Have you noticed an odd phenomenon on this one.

    A number of posts have suddenly popped up using accounts that haven’t seen a post for years. Take the reply to me from George above. His last post on any topic was in 2009 yet now he pops back up to defend O’Snodaigh. Indeed he’s backing up the line of Politico68 (last heard from on here a year ago).

    Just how many dummy accounts do you reckon SF keeps on here for use at times of crisis?

  • Politico68

    cynic2, I have been in Africa for just under a year. Now I am back, thanks for the warm welcome 😉

  • cynic2


    “However, his explanation (which he was not obliged to give) is plausible”

    didnt you mean risible?

    “and there is no evidence nor indeed any suggestion by the Mail or anyone else that he has acted illegally”

    I haven’t alleged that he has I have said there should be an investigation to determine what happened to €50,000 of state property. I assume that the rules require this to be used for constituency purposes. As many post have pointed out here its physically impossible for it to have been used in that way. So where did it go? Who got it? What was it used for?

    Far from my wishful thinking, I am afraid you are thinking wishfully if you believe this will go away. Something happened to all these cartridges. Assuming they weren’t sold on eBay (and I don’t for a moment think they were) where did they go?

    Were they used for SF party purposes, for example, as op[posed to constituency work? If so, was that lawful?

    The public have a right to know how they money was spent – or as you so eloquently put it – what the arse was ripped out of it for.

  • Politico68

    how much would an investigation cost?

  • cynic2


    Nice one. Reason 23b from the SF Book of Why Not to Dig Too Deep.

    You will be telling us next that it will undermine the peace process to ask too many awkward questions

  • cynic2

    “I have been in Africa for just under a year.”

    Just got back in time then!

  • ranger1640

    The shinners print king, sure leads a colourful lifestyle.

    What is it they say, you get what you vote for. It seems the republican electorate don’t do black and white, they like their elected representatives in full colour. however they themselves, are not so keen when their mates are skulking around in a transit van.


    HE HAS spawned a spate of jokes linking the word ‘cartridge’ to Sinn Fein and if there is one thing that New Sinn Fein’s activist TDs really hate it is to be laughed at or mocked as “just as bad as the rest of them”.

    But Aengus O Snodaigh’s liberal use of €50,000 worth of printer cartridges between 2007 and 2008, which he obtained from the Dail stores without having to account for them, means that the Shinners are, for once, regarded not as “just as bad” as the rest of them when it comes to abusing taxpayer-funded privileges, but in this case a whole lot worse.

    Nor has O Snodaigh, 47 — or, indeed, his political master Gerry Adams — explained where the ink cartridges actually went. So where did the cartridges go? Or, to echo Gerry Adams’s phrase about the IRA, “they haven’t gone away, you know”.

    Coming from the “intellectual wing” of Sinn Fein, O Snodaigh is an unlikely figure to bring such derision on his party.

    Educated at the trendy, Irish-speaking Colaiste Eoin and then at University College Dublin in south Dublin, he has written books and pamphlets on republican figures and essays on the 1798 rebellion.

    He made two attempts at getting elected to the Dail before success in the 2002 general election.

    Shortly afterwards, he was involved in an incident as bizarre as his fondness for ink cartridges.

    On his way home from duty in Dublin on October 22, 2002, an off-duty garda saw suspicious movements involving a dark-blue Nissan Almera car, a Nissan Micra car and a Ford Transit van at Croke Abbey in Bray, Co Wicklow.

    He alerted local gardai, who approached the van and spoke to the driver. The man gave a false name. The gardai noticed a black balaclava and a handset of a portable radio on the floor.

    One of the gardai opened the door into the rear of the van and found four men sitting on the floor and a number of items, which included a lump hammer, two pick-axe handles, a torch, eight plastic bags of cable ties, one black balaclava with a single opening for the face, two black balaclavas with three holes for the face, two identical navy-blue cloth ties, resembling those worn by gardai, a sky-blue shirt marked ‘security’, a yellow jacket with ‘Garda’ inscribed on the left breast, gloves, including black woollen gloves and plastic industrial gloves, and three walkie-talkie type radios.

    Two of the men at the back of the van, Thomas Gilson and Sean O’Donnell, were dressed like gardai. All five men arrested at the scene were members of south Dublin Sinn Fein and in the van gardai also found electoral posters for Aengus O Snodaigh and Sinn Fein.

    That evening, O Snodaigh rang Bray garda station to inquire about the whereabouts of one of his electoral workers, whom he apparently took to be one of the group of five men arrested.

    The man O Snodaigh asked about was not present in the station. His information that the man he was inquiring about was in garda custody in Bray was wrong. The call — and details of the man O Snodaigh asked about — was noted by gardai and passed on to officers from the Special Detective Unit, who visited a house in Crumlin with an address matched to the Sinn Fein member that O Snodaigh had been inquiring about.

    Gardai visited the house of Kenneth ‘Cakey’ Donohue, a well-known Sinn Fein member, which led them to a further raid on the home of O Snodaigh’s electoral agent, Niall Binead.

    At Binead’s house, gardai found documents relating to activities of the south Dublin Sinn Fein cumann and a list of 30 senior politicians from Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Progressive Democrats, as well as details of their movements and activities. It was later described in court as evidence of an IRA spy ring.

    The politicians, including three former ministers for justice, Des O’Malley, John O’Donoghue and Jim Mitchell, had been spied on and remarks about their movements were included in the files. The then minister for finance, Charlie McCreevy, had been followed as he nipped out of the back door of Government Buildings to place bets in a nearby bookies.

    There were also details and movements of known criminals and drug dealers in Dublin. At the time, the IRA was engaged in a campaign of murdering certain drug dealers in the city who were not prepared to pay protection money.

    The story about the spy ring emerged in this newspaper shortly afterwards but the reaction from government was, to say the least, muted. Bertie Ahern allowed one question the day after publication from a radio journalist who asked if he knew about the IRA spy ring and replied that he had “never heard about it”.

    Binead, Donohue and the five arrested in Bray were all tried and convicted in 2004 of IRA membership. Details of the spy ring and a plot to mount a hijack on the outskirts of Bray on the evening of the five arrests were given in court, along with the fact that some of the men were associates of Aengus O Snodaigh’s electoral machine in south Dublin. All received four-year sentences.

    Despite the apparent enormity of a story linking associates of a serving TD to hijacking and spying plots, little of the story was carried on RTE or other broadcasting media except for the basic details of the court cases and sentencing. There were no Prime Time investigations or media storms such as that over Willie O’Dea’s ill-considered remarks about Sinn Fein in Limerick.

    O Snodaigh made no attempt to distance himself from the men involved in the hijacking and spy operations. In December 2006, he led a protest at the front gates of the Dail, seeking their release under the terms of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. TDs entering the Dail were ‘lobbied’ and leaflets given out calling for the release. Brian Hayes, then a Fine Gael TD, said he was called a “Free State bastard” by one of the protesters present with O Snodaigh. It seems to be a “term of endearment” in the wider Sinn Fein community.

    At 3.10am on May 2, 2004, O Snodaigh’s wife, Aishling Ni Dalaigh, and her sister Niamh were leaving a Sinn Fein function in the Abbey Hotel, Dublin, when a glass was thrown at a garda patrol car, as the two gardai were in the process of calling an ambulance.

    When a barman told Garda Bernard Mullens and Garda Gareth Kane that it was thrown by a woman standing in a group outside the hotel they asked O Snodaigh’s wife, Ni Dalaigh, about it. Garda Mullens said she was drunk and cursing and shouting.

    “Other people were trying to stop us from arresting her, they told us we’d be in trouble as her husband is a TD,” said Garda Mullens in evidence at Dublin District Court in January, 2005.

    Garda Kane said that Niamh Ni Dalaigh called him “a fucking scumbag” and a “Free State bastard” and told him he would lose his job, because their prisoner was the wife of a Sinn Fein TD.

    Judge William Early said he had no doubt that the person who threw the glass was O Snodaigh’s wife. He said he would normally apply the Probation Act, adding: “However, people who invoke political parties and other organisations in their support to threaten gardai do not, it seems to me, deserve the Probation Act.”

    Aishling Ni Dalaigh, of Decies Road, Ballyfermot, Dublin was fined €250 for breach of the peace, with drunkenness taken into account, when the case came before the court.

    Neither incident did any harm to O Snodaigh’s electoral appeal in Dublin South Central. He is active in the constituency and, ironically given last week’s controversy, he is a director of Liberties Recycling Training and Advancement, which doesn’t recycle ink but clothes. The company, which spends over €1m a year in salaries for staff, including directors, got over €900,587 in government grants last year.

    ‘Inkgate’, as it has now become known, has damaged O Snodaigh and Sinn Fein badly. In the great profligate scheme of public spending it is insignificant, but last week showed that when it came to abusing the taxpayers, Sinn Fein is up there with the best of them.

  • ranger1640

    Another wee interesting tit bit. It seems the shinners could well afford to buy everyone in the RoI a years supply of ink and still have change.

    Where is all this Sinn Fein money going, now that’s a question the hard pressed Irish electorate should ask themselves. Industrial wage my arse.

    Sunday March 04 2012
    SINN Fein is rolling in cash. As well as massive fundraising in the US, which is bringing an average $700,000 (€530,000) a year, the party also benefits from the Dail leaders’ allowance.

    This means the party receives €119,795 for each of its 14 TDs, swelling party coffers by €1.6m. This money is paid on top of salaries and expenses

    But it is extensive international fundraising in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK which is the envy of the other political parties in the Dail.

    For example, what have the late former heavyweight champion of the world Joe Frazier, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and a former senior executive at Lehman Brothers got in common?

    The thread that ties this eclectic group of individual celebrities, powerful blue collar unions and Wall Street is support for Sinn Fein fundraising efforts in North America, either by attending a $500-a-plate fundraiser at the Sheraton Hotel in Manhattan or other US Sinn Fein events, or by direct donation via the party’s US fundraising arm, Friends of Sinn Fein.

    Sinn Fein makes full use of its “dual residency” both sides of the border. It means that although for the most part (thanks to the US Department of Justice) we know where the US money is coming from, what is less clear is where it is going to. The party makes use of a UK law which only allows political parties in Northern Ireland to raise funds from foreign countries.

    As Sinn Fein operates both sides of the Border the accounts detailing its corporate and private donations from fundraising in the US, Canada, Australia and Britain do not have to be recorded in the Republic.

    But for a brief hiatus in 2005, when the US State Department imposed a ban on Sinn Fein American fundraising following the murder of Robert McCartney and the stg£26.5m Northern Bank robbery, Sinn Fein has been making an average $700,000 a year from the US alone. In the late 1990s it was near $1m a year.

    Documents filed in the US show that Sinn Fein made $1,550,000 (roughly €1.1m) between 2009 and 2011.

    The blue-riband events are the Friends of Sinn Fein $500-per-plate dinner at the Sheraton Hotel and a dinner at the uber-trendy Bobby Van’s Grill in Washington DC, held last year on St Patrick’s Day.

    And as long ago as 2004, Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams was picking up $40,000 (€31,000) from a couple of speaking engagements at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut and at Notre Dame in Indiana — the latter co-sponsored by the Keough Institute of Irish Studies named after former Coca-Cola chief Donald Keough.

    Over the years American trade unions have also donated tens of thousands of dollars including cash gifts from the Teamsters, the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Asbestos Workers, the Southern California District Council of Labourers and the Labourers’ International Union of North America.

    Martin McGuinness has been a paid speaker, picking up a $10,000 cheque for the party for a speech at the College of St Rose in Albany. Even 15 years ago, post the IRA ceasefire, Bianca Jagger, Tom Hayden, filmmaker Michael Moore and former Mayor of Washington David Dinkins, broke bread with Mr Adams at a $200-a-plate luncheon at the Essex House Hotel overlooking Central Park, designed to raise funds for a new lobbying office in Washington DC.

    Sinn Fein also received a donation of $6,000 from banker Michael Brewster, the Longford-born managing director of Credit Suisse private banking, who held a similar role with Lehman Brothers before its collapse in 2008.

    The Friends of Sinn Fein Inc was founded by New York personal injury attorney Sean Downes and his brother Larry (also a lawyer) along with others in 1995 and raised $4.5m in the five years up to 2000. In 2001 the party donated $50,000 to the the victims of 9/11.

    Joe Frazier attended a Friends of Sinn Fein event posing for pictures with McGuinness, and Bianca Jagger attended on a regular basis in the late-1990s. Back in the mid-1990s philanthropist Chuck Feeney was Sinn Fein’s biggest donor. In 1995, Feeney’s General Atlantic Group donated $120,000 to Friends of Sinn Fein. In a separate donation, Feeney’s Americans for Peace In Ireland organisation donated $15,000 towards Friends of Sinn Fein office expenses.

    Outside the US there is also Sinn Fein fundraising in Canada through Friends of Sinn Fein (Canada) otherwise Les Ami(e)s Du Sinn Fein (Canada) but it is listed as a “not for profit” organisation by Canada’s Ministry for Industry so it is not obliged to make accounts public.

    The latest returns to the UK’s electoral commission show the party had an accumulated fund of stg£257,265 (€299,485) at December 31, 2009.

    According to the same report the party received donations of stg£462,856 (€538,798) in 2009.

    It is believed that much of this money is directly from the salaries of its elected representatives –though this is not specified in the report. In the recent presidential campaign, candidate Martin McGuinness spent more than €302,563 and was eligible for reimbursement of €200,000 because he received more than 12.5 per cent of the vote.

    During the campaign, McGuinness spent the second lowest amount, although he finished third in the election contest.

    He spent €27,000 on transport and fuel, including €3,000 paid to Morgan Fuels, the company owned by businessman Hugh Morgan.

    It was Morgan’s claim during the contentious Pat Kenny-hosted presidential debate that he gave Sean Gallagher a cheque for a 2008 Fianna Fail fundraiser that changed the course of the election, though Gallagher has denied the claim.


  • @ranger1640
    Have you ever heard of the concept of copyright? Maybe Mick will be along later to give you a lesson.

  • cynic2

    Have you ever heard of the concept of copyright?

    You sound rattled Ulick

  • ranger1640

    Can you correct me u-lick but am I the only poster here that posts articles from other sources. Or would Cynic2, be closer to the mark and you don’t like articles about Sinn Fein and their pots of money??? Industrial wage my arse!!!

  • @cynic2 rattled, me, over this… let me think… nah, sorry, nope.

    @ranger1640 you posted two articles verbatim. Disregarding their dubious relationship to the topic at hand, the normal (and legal) procedure would be to give a summary and a link, not the whole thing.


  • Alias

    Good articles, Ranger. They show that Shinnerism is almost as lucrative a money-making racket as fuel smuggling and kidnapping.

  • George

    Take the reply to me from George above. His last post on any topic was in 2009 yet now he pops back up to defend O’Snodaigh. Indeed he’s backing up the line of Politico68 (last heard from on here a year ago). Just how many dummy accounts do you reckon SF keeps on here for use at times of crisis?

    I’ve been posting on Slugger for years and have posted a couple of hundred threads and thousands of posts over that time. I don’t know why you think I haven’t posted since 2009 but I can assure you I’m not a sock puppet.

    Also, I wasn’t defending O’Snodaigh, I have no time for the man. I was explaining to you why the Gardaí weren’t investigating the matter. To repeat, the Gardaí aren’t investigating the matter because he didn’t do anything illegal.

    PS: I think you need to lay off the conspiracy tablets.

  • cynic2

    Forgive me George – I was relying on your slugger profile that shows no earlier posts since 2009

  • PaulT

    Trouble is with this story and the ones Ranger pasted and all the other anti-SF stories is that they don’t seem to have any effect, SF is the second largest party North and South, currently on 18% in the Dail according to this weekends RedC.

    If anything I think its the anti-SF brigade that’s rattled, nothing seems to stop SF from attracting support.

    Please please please contact Mick immediately if you can cobble together an anti-SF blog, he issued an appeal earlier on this thread,

  • Limerick

    What we lack is Unionist bloggers.


    That might have something to do with your blatantly sectarian moderation policy. Something which the republicans on this site exploit to the fullest.

  • ranger1640

    Gerry Adams has also had ink problems. Seems he exceeded his ink cartridge allowance in six months. Is there some sort of ink fetish with Sinn Fein????

    “SINN FÉIN leader Gerry Adams exceeded the annual limit of ink cartridges allowed for TDs in just six months last year, Freedom of Information documents show”.


  • Politico68

    If SF fundraising is illegal in any way, why have the authorities in the North or the South not looked into it? Every single person employed by SF from Gerry Adams down is paid the average industrial wage by the party. All other income remains with the party, can anybody prove this is incorrect?

  • cynic2

    “Every single person employed by SF from Gerry Adams down is paid the average industrial wage by the party.”

    Where’s the proof? There is no such published figure and SF refuses to say what they get. The figures would be different North and South. So is there a Northern and a Southern rate?

    ” can anybody prove this is incorrect?”#

    No because SF dont publish any figures. I wonder why? Given their commitment to such high ethical standards?

    And why don’t they just draw that wage from the state then? Where does the rest go? Does it appear in their Party Accounts? If so, where? I cant see it in the Northern Accounts. Do they claim any tax relief on it?

    Why should we voters subsidise SF as a party – be it with money or printer cartridges?

    Its all our moneyt – not the party’s

  • ranger1640

    “If SF fundraising is illegal in any way, why have the authorities in the North or the South not looked into it? Every single person employed by SF from Gerry Adams down is paid the average industrial wage by the party. All other income remains with the party, can anybody prove this is incorrect?”

    Firstly Politico, can you prove that everyone in SF gets the average industrial wage, and what is that wage? Is it £50K or more? My posts on Adams and the wealth of SF, was to highlight that no matter what this alleged revolutionary socialist party says on matters pertaining to the poor in Ireland. They can and do stick their hand into the pockets of the Irish tax payer, with revolutionary zeal. Where if they were true to their politics they would be less willing to remove expenses and wages to elevate the burden on the Irish poor, but there again its better having a wealthy Sinn Fein than elevate the burden on the hard press Irish tax payer and Irish poor.

  • @ranger1640
    “My posts on Adams and the wealth of SF, was to highlight that … pertaining to the poor in Ireland.”

    “They can and do stick their hand into the pockets of the Irish tax payer, with revolutionary zeal.”

    “to elevate the burden on the Irish poor”

    “the burden on the hard press Irish tax payer and Irish poor.”

    Sorry ranger, did you actually read the articles you posted because I can’t see any connection between them and what you just posted above. The first is a poor attempt to tarnish someone by slagging of their friends and relations and the other deals with SF overseas fund-raising – neither of them has anything to do with the Irish taxpayer. Also you’ll find that any monies raised by Friends of Sinn Féin in the US cannot leave that state and so do not go towards Party funds in this country.

  • ranger1640
  • cynic2

    And £400,000 to have photos taken of them enjoying themselves


    Presumably then SF can print out all the Photos for them for election leaflets etc

  • ranger1640

    Seems that some shinners are more equal than others. A new Ireland for revolutionary champagne socialists. Pass that Dom Perignon, and caviar brother and sister comrade.

    The young and elderly of republican west Belfast have never had it so good, and let them eat cake.

    “The highest spending department on entertainment is the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister (OFMDFM), which clocked up a £826,760 bill in the five-year period”.

    OFMDFM: £826,760

    DRD: £283,833

    FINANCE: £609,000

    EDUCATION: £291,000

    CULTURE: £220,019

    HEALTH: £688,800


    DSD: £333,820

    ENVIRONMENT: £457,051

    ENTERPRISE: £103,307

    AGRICULTURE: £103,307

    JUSTICE: £37,666 (2010/2011 ONLY)

    Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/politics/fury-over-stormontrsquos-10k-a-week-drinks-bill-16126494.html#ixzz1oHIghwgE

    Finance and Personnel – Conor Murphy
    Health – Michelle Gildernew
    Social Development – Alex Maskey
    Public Accounts Committee – Paul Maskey
    Committee on Procedures – Sue Ramsey