Shouldn’t David Cameron be using his old clan motto just now?

Grateful to the picture editor at BBC Scotland… who’s picked this picture of a couple biscuit tins from someone at Reuters who maybe knows something more about Scots Gaelic than s/he lets on. The one on the right has the word Cameron emblazoned on it with the clan motto underneath saying Aonaibh ri Cheile, united together which for you non Gaeilgeoirs roughly translates as Unite Together

  • Alanbrooke

    Such is the joy of ethnicity among the British Isle mongrel nations.

    Cameron has the Scottish name and is English

    Salmond has the English name and is Scottish.

  • Having read this, I contacted a Scottish Jacobite friend who advises me that this is but one “motto” attributed to Clan Cameron.
    It dates from the early 18th Century and is a reference to the Clan itself unifying. The five arrows on the crest represent (so I am told) the five sub chiefs/septs of Clan Cameron.
    This slogan appeared on the battlefield at Falkirk (1746), when of course the Camerons fought on the Jacobite side.
    The extent to which Scottish independence is a Jacobite key belief is disputed. Certainly the Jacobite clans of the time were opposed to the Act of Union. Certainly Charles Edward was …as always… lover of Scots and certainly saw a United Kingdom as viable.

    Should David Cameron be loyal to some words……or a modern interpretation of the words………unity of the “United Kingdom”?
    Should he be loyal to the blood spilt by his clan?
    The last Jacobite to die for his Jacobitism……as late as 1753………was Archibald Cameron. Although plotting to assassinate the King probably had something to do with it.

  • Mick, even non-Gaeilgeoirs might know that the Scottish and Irish Gaelic cam is an adjective meaning ‘bent, crooked or fraudulent’ – not the most inspiring epithet for a would-be premier. Portcaman is an ancient placename and parish in the vicinity of Bushmills where the Bush Water meanders through.

    The second element is enough to put the premier’s nose out of joint!