Big bad wolf like you’ve never seen him before…

Not showing this one to the kids for a while… Good snapshot of where the media is going (outside of the happy valley that is Northern Ireland of today…)

  • pauluk

    It’s all a little counter-intuitive.

    Surely the Guardian is one of the main media outlets responsible for the actions and attitudes that it is pretending to mock.

    The liberal, left-wing Guardian naturally takes the side of the Big Bad Wolf. Look at how they tried to protect Saddam.

  • Billy Pilgrim

    ‘Look at how they tried to protect Saddam.’

    Er, really?

    The Guardian actually supported the invasion of Iraq.

  • pauluk


    Yea, right! Seems like every influential left-wing writer in Europe, apart from one or two like Hitchens, was opposed to Bush and his policy in Iraq. Maybe the Guardian allowed a token article or two for the war to create an appearance of balance, but, c’mon, to say that the Guardian supported Bush is stretching it a little. Funny enough, I vaguely remember the Observer lending some support, at least until the going got tough.

    But, hey, I stand to be corrected. Honestly! Got a link?

  • Mick Fealty

    Not that it’s not beside the point, but here’s the Guardian’s editorial after war was declared:

  • Billy Pilgrim

    Actually, you’re right. I confused the Guardian with its sister paper, the Observer, which supported the invasion. The Guardian was more critical, though it stayed within the acceptable spectrum of opinion.

    But I didn’t say either newspaper ‘supported Bush.’ Unless you think that supporting Bush and supporting the invasion of Iraq were one and the same thing?

    Otherwise, your post is just a generic broadside against ‘left-wingers’ – though one wonders what you even mean by that term?

  • lamhdearg2

    go compares, three little pigs more like it, for my 4yo.