Dev’s grandson steps down as deputy leader of Fianna Fail…

Hmmmm…. Eamon O’Cuiv the Eurosceptic wind of the Fianna Fail party in Eurosceptic west has now gone from his position as Deputy Leader and Communications spokesman, but not from the party, yet. So. No creative ambiguity under Mr Martin?? But, here’s the intriguing thing: Fergal Keane on RTE Drivetime speculating that he is close Sinn Fein.

Update: Martin telling Mary Wilson that O’Cuiv is not backing down and is looking at losing the whip.

Update 2 O’Cuiv denies on Newstalk that he has plans to move all the way to Sinn Fein…

Adds: Johnny Fallon has a nicely drawn historic take on the matter:

But O’Cuiv and all the De Valeras have had a hesitancy about the EU for some time. Self sufficiency and small nations staying out of the affairs of larger ones remain strong traditions. Ireland happily plotting its own course maybe with a few maidens less at the crossroads these days but still there as a vision.

Had the government been able to avoid a referendum this matter would never have been an issue for O’Cuiv. Alas he should have known as Deputy Leader of FF he would not get away with that and forced to make a choice between family and party he has gone with the family tradition. Another deputy leader down.

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