English Eurosceptics get excited about Ireland’s referendum…

British Eurosceptics are getting very excited about Ireland’s referendum. Seldom, in peacetime, has an announcement in Dail Eireann had such an immediate effect on the business of the Commons:

Of course Bill Cash’s real point of focus is not Ireland at all but Cameron, and his failure as many on the Tory right would have it, to hold the Eurozone institutions to account for the involvement of EU institutions in any nascent fiscal union (or FU as Guido has it).

A trifle premature, perhaps dear Bill?

More soberly, Tim Montgomerie suggests that George Osborne’s unofficial view is that it will all collapse long before this treaty gets to take effect. Short pause while Ireland applies for re-entry to the Sterling zone, or four months to get the printing machines on the go again.

Oh, and that old hedge funder, erm Irish rebel, Guido’s making plans for, well, whenever it comes:

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