“Jedward will now represent Ireland…” – Redux

The RTÉ selected panel, and those members of the Irish public who voted, have, once again, decided that Jedward will represent Ireland RTÉ in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest – to be held in Baku in May.  And Louis didn’t even need to fix the voting this year.  [Allegedly! – Ed]  Indeed.

Whether RTÉ are any more willing to host next year’s final than they were this one is another matter.  [At least it’s not another turkey! – Ed]  You might well think that…  

Nevertheless, they did manage a creditable 8th last year.

The BBC have yet to decide on their entrant this year, or whether the public will have any say.

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  • Mark

    I don’t want to Jedward bash but it’s very hard not to . The novelty has worn off and they have become somewhat of an embarrassment ( especially when one of them tries to look sexy – toe curling ) .

    Can you imagine in 2/3 years time what they’ll be like when they go through puberty ?

  • claudius

    yes – very rich

  • comhfhreagrai eachtrannach

    At least the song they have this year is just forgettable, which is a step up from last year’s dire offering. There’s still more talent in Dustin’s beak than there is in the Terrible Twins put together! At least he’s intentionally funny…

  • Henry94

    Let’s see how Europe likes being asked to vote on the same thing twice. I think we’ve made our point.

  • Greenflag

    The German entry won’t be expecting any votes from Greece this year .

    Nice one Henry94 😉 It would have made for a stronger point had Dustin been restuffed for a rare second entry but somehow I doubt if the staff of the ECB or the Merkecy’s will be watching 😉

  • JR

    I really don’t get the jedward thing. To me they seem talentless.

  • lover not a fighter

    If the Europeans don’t start behaving themselves then we will keep sending Jedward until they do.

  • SethS

    Fair play to them. 2 utterly untalented individuals are raking in the the cash for doing more or less nothing.

    In a couple of years they can get a normal haircut and no-one will recognise them.