Sinn Fein upgrading Southern economic policies?

According to the Sindo

The party spokesman on European affairs Padraig Mac Loughlainn told the Sunday Independent that it was important to speak to such people when formulating credible economic policies.

He said that in conjunction with the party’s two in-house economic advisers — Joanne Spain and Eoin O Broin — the party had sought advice and insight from a number of economists from across the spectrum.

“Karl Whelan is just one of a number of economists we have spoken to. I have a lot of time for Karl and I agree with a lot of what he says.”

“But there are things he says I disagree with. This is all part of making sure our policies are robust and credible,” Mr Mac Loughlainn said.


  • The yokel

    Sinn Féin hit by a bout of Realpolitik.
    How does this square with democratic socialism?
    Any hope of it spreading North?

  • derrydave

    Sounds like a move in the right direction. The devil is in the detail though, so i will reserve judgement until we start seeing exactly what these ‘robust and credible’ policies are. If Sinn Fein are serious about wanting to be a major force in Southern politics then they will have to make some hard decisions and start moving towards the centre.

  • This story is a lot of nothing. As Karl Whelan notes, he has spoken to almost every party, and Tom McDonnell has also been speaking to a wide range of parties – for example he spoke at an educational meeting of the Munster Region of the Workers’ Party at the end of January. What should be of more interest is that a party with so many TDs has 2 in-house economic advisors. What, for example, has happened Dara O’Hagan? Doesn’t she have a doctorate in economics?

  • Comrade Stalin

    SF are continuing to embarass themselves on economic matters.

    On Hearts and Minds last Thursday, Conor Maskey was an incoherent mess. He argued for more tax varying powers, but refused to be drawn on how any tax reductions would be funded, or on which taxes he would increase.

    The topic then went onto the scale of the British subvention; Maskey said that the British would not release statistics for tax revenue obtained from NI, with the clear implication that he thought that NI was a net contributor to the UK exchequer.

    SF really do need to straighten out exactly what their policies on tax and spending actually are, and they need to put some hard numbers behind them.

  • iluvni

    The Sinn Fein robot on Sunday Politics didnt improve on Maskey’s lamentable performance.

    (mind you the cracks in Unionism were very much on display too)

  • socaire

    Pádraig MacLochlainn been ousted then?

  • Comrade Stalin

    Can we please permanently ban the illiterate trolling nutters. Thanks.

  • Publican

    Good window dressing but – as was the case with Fianna Fail under de Valera – we will not see any real change in Sinn Fein policy until the old leadership goes.