Outfoxed – as cunning as an iPhone game developed in Belfast and voiced by Jackie Fullerton

Something for the weekend …

If the Executive is to be fully believed, it feels like the local creative industries are second only to Titanic tourists in being at the heart of Northern Ireland’s economic recovery!

With seed corn funding from the Creative Industries Innovation Fund (administered by the Arts Council NI for DCAL), local game company Billy Goat Entertainment have been developing a series of iPhone games. They launched their latest title – Outfoxed™ – on Thursday night in their Belfast office.

The 3D platform game puts you in the shoes paws of a crafty fox that is raiding the local chicken farm for lunch. Watch out for the knife-wielding farmer’s wife, or the owner himself brandishing a shotgun. Get past them and you’ll have to dodge the hounds.

With a desire to use local talent, animator William Barr turned to fellow Ballymena man Jackie Fullerton (sports commentator and silver fox) to provide the distinctive and distinguished voice-over. As the fox moves around farm, Jackie chips in with witty one-liners that could soon become his catchphrases.

Check out the video to see a demo of the video and hear Jackie and William discuss Outfoxed™ as well as the state of the local games industry which is steadily expanding, with a couple of small companies making a mark in the iPhone app/games scene already.

Outfoxed™ has now launched on the iTunes Apps Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. There are plans to port the game to Mac and PC too. Priced at £1.49, Pocket Gamer website describes it as “chicken pickin’ good”.

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